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5 Ways on How to Gain Muscle

5 ways on how to gain muscle
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How to gain muscle tips are already spread here and there. But when you want to get it faster, sometimes you just need to develop the diet and exercise you have been doing for a while. Believe me, small adjustment can lead to huge result. And of course muscle mass is the combination between the proper diet and adequate exercise.

Set the goal with strength exercise

Some people will stick on the goal and choosing the number they want. But when a person has set the goal with number, it will be less doable. So, you better choose the exercise that will make you become stronger. Strength exercise will also help you to make the next goal becomes more concrete.
You can choose one type of exercise for each upper body and lower body both for push and pull. This is one of ways on how to gain muscle.

Doing compound exercise

Compound exercise is also called as lifting. It helps the muscle to grow and it involves more than one joint. Compound exercises are such as pull-ups, row, press, squat, and deadlift. These types of exercise will help to gather a lot of muscle mass and it is the most efficient training when you want to release testosterone hormone so you can grow the muscle faster and faster.
Just take the compound exercise as your main course and then you can take leg extensions and curls as the dessert.

Each muscle needs work 3 times a week

Most programs of body builder will require once a week to see the result of muscle mass that has been grown. But actually, you muscle needs 3 times per week of exercise so the growth will be maximized and the result is even better. If three times per week for lifting is too much for you then you can switch it into the workout that rocks your whole body.
Increasing the intensity from time to time will help you to reach the goal even faster with the better result as well.

Take care of your leg

Some people will care a lot to their chest, back, arms, and anything but their legs. Imbalances give bad look on the overall body. Besides, your legs are the part that will support your whole body.
Do not worry because the compound exercise for lower body part is available and you can try it. The exercise for your legs is such as the deadlift. It develops your legs and upper body enormously. Besides, deadlift also helps to release the hormones needed to build your size and your strength.

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Sleep earlier

When you decide to grow your muscle and go really hard for yourself during the exercise season, you will need to recover. Sleeping 30 minutes earlier will help your body recovers more quickly because sleeping is simply the answer. Some people do not want to miss their favorite TV shows but you can always record it, for the sake of effective and efficient way in how to gain muscle.

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