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11 Proven Benefits of Red Ginger

Red ginger, indeed somewhat different from other ginger. Aside from the color, the rhizome of this one is more often used as a medicinal ingredient than as a spice seasoning. 
The name Latin ginger Zingiber Officinale It has a more spicy flavor compared to other types of ginger. 

Red ginger contains beneficial compounds such as Shogaol, Gingerol, Zingeron, and more. With so many active substances that can cure various diseases, it is no wonder if then red Ginger becomes a very popular herbal herb. Here are 11 Proven Benefits of Ginger for our body.

Photo by Louis Hansel @shotsoflouis on Unsplash

1. Warm the body
The spicy taste of gingerol is very useful for warming the body to feel more comfortable during the rainy season. 

2. Relieve Headache
With the content of Kamfena, spicy flavor, and warm effects, red ginger is very potent relieve headaches. 

3. Prevent inflammatory bowel
Zingeron active components in red ginger can inhibit enzymes that induce inflammation of the digestive tract. 

4. Strengthening the immune system
Red ginger extract can prevent and kill harmful bacteria in the body so that the immune system will be much stronger. 

5. Treat Cough
The content of essential oils in red ginger is beneficial to treat cough, both for children and adults.

6. Fix Nausea & increase appetite
One of the effects of red ginger is to help remove extra gas in the intestinal tract that helps to eliminate nausea during pregnancy or chemotherapy and in turn, increases appetite.

7. Lose weight
Taking red ginger extract pills as a dietary supplement is beneficial in providing a longer satiety effect on the stomach and is also great for burning calories. 

8. Keep Heart Conditions
Consumption of red Ginger is regularly proven to reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels which are the main cause of heart disease. 
With so many benefits of red ginger, it's time to make Red Ginger as part of your daily supplement!

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9. Has Anti-inflammatory Properties
The antiinflammatory effect of ginger because of its content, namely Gingerol, Gingerdione, and it that inhibits prostaglandins which are mediators of inflammation. The effect is similar to the anti-inflammatory effect of mefenamic acid and ibuprofen which is a nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drug group (NSAIDs).

10. Overcoming Symptoms of Osteoarthritis
Other studies conducted in Iran and the United States prove that Ginger has the same effect as ibuprofen in overcoming the symptoms of osteoarthritis, including pain. Consumption of red ginger is shown to reduce the pain in the knee because this plant is anti-inflammatory.

11. Improve Sexual Arousal
Red Ginger is known as a traditional medicine often used to correct sexual dysfunction. Based on research conducted by the Faculty of Pharmacy, Gadjah Mada University, Red ginger that is processed into essential oil can act as an aphrodisiac by enhancing one's libido.

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12. Increase Male Fertility
To get the benefits of red ginger, you should also combine with the consumption of a supplement containing zinc. Red Ginger Water plus zinc supplement proved to be able to improve testicular function, including stimulating sperm production.

13. Reducing Morning Sickness
Drinking stew water of Red Ginger has been known for long as a nausea relief, both caused by seasickness, postoperative, or chemotherapy. A study also showed that ginger water effectively relieves nausea in pregnant women in the first trimester of morning sickness.

However, pregnant women should consult with a doctor before drinking ginger water too much. Some people believe that the consumption of ginger water when pregnant young can cause miscarriage, although this claim has not had a scientific foundation.

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