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12 Healthy Tips for Fat Reduction

Talking about fat reduction, we should know what actually the body fat is. We need the important fat like the one to make the organs and nervous system work properly.
12 Tips for Fat Reduction
Photo by MI PHAM on Unsplash

What do you know about body fat?

Body fat is essential to our body for cushioning and insulation. The body fat in women should be about 25-28 percent. Men should have about 12-15 percent of body fat. How much fat in the body is different from person to person, so it’s suggested that you consult this with your doctor and dietician. Those experts will tell you how much calories you will need, the types of exercises suitable for you, the lifestyle that you should follow, etc.

12 Tips to lose body fat

  1. You know that added sugar relates to obesity and may lead to health problems caused by obesity. So, cut it. Be careful with the healthy foods you buy as well, just check the ingredients. Who knows that they contain too much sugar?
  2. It is proved that the refined carbohydrates can actually lead to more hunger. Just choose the ones with natural fibers.
  3. It is suggested that you prepare healthy foods to consume every time you feel hungry. Fruits, baby carrots, egg which is hard-boiled, yogurt, fruits are to eat as a snack when you get so hungry.
  4. Drinking green tea is a good way to lose body fat. It is full of antioxidants that can work together with the green tea caffeine to burn fat.
  5. It is suggested that you try the intermittent fasting, which is good to restrict calories.
  6. Having a cardio aerobic exercise regularly is essential to burn calories. This kind of exercise will keep you mentally and physically healthy. The fat around your belly—the hard one, will disappear.
  7. It is advisable that you do the weight lifting since it can prevent you from losing the mass of muscle and make your body metabolism high.
  8. If you chew the food slowly and thoroughly you will improve the production of hormone related to weight loss. You also can eat fewer calories if you just chew the foods thoroughly and slowly.
  9. Eating more fruits and vegetables is an effective way to lose fat. You can still have calories but the fibers contained are more. Those foods are also nutritious, so eat them in every meal.
  10. Having enough good sleep is as important as consuming healthy and nutritious foods. Lack of good sleep will cause obesity.
  11. It is advisable that you don’t do a diet. You can just eat healthy foods with the proportion that you have consulted with your doctor or dietician.
  12. Drinking a lot of water will improve your body metabolism by 30 percent in a 1.5-hour period. This will help burn fat. It’s better if you just drink a lot of water before eating, especially if you have to attend a dinner party with a lot of tempting and inviting foods.

The kinds of exercises to help you lose fat are crunches, reverse crunch, side crunch, twist crunches, lung twist, rolling plank exercise, vertical leg crunch, and cycling. Have a personal trainer to help you with exercises. It is great if the article about fat reduction can help you keep an ideal body weight.

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