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2 Compelling Reasons Why it should stop Drinking Soda Now

2 Compelling Reasons Why it should stop Drinking Soda Now - It cannot be denied if it's been an awful lot who like carbonated or soda drinks because it's not only sweet, but also shows the modern metropolitan community. But you surely know that the habit of drinking a soft drink like that is unhealthy, especially if you want a slim and fit body.

2 Reasons stop Drinking Soda Now

Not only plays a major role as the cause of the problem of obesity or overweight anyway, soda also has another downside which can cause a variety of health problems. In fact a recent study at Harvard University found that adolescent girls who drank more than 1.5 servings of sugary drinks like soda will get her first menses earlier than 3 months of age normally.

As reported by from, there are some compelling reasons why you should stop drinking soda from now on, among others, are

1. Overweight

Drinks with high sugar levels such as soda or soft drink is best if you want a quick fat unhealthy way. The increase of the weight up to obesity will invite many diseases. Especially for teens who have experienced the first of early mesntruasi higher risk of developing breast cancer later. The body also so weak and unproductive.

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2. Diabetes mellitus or type 2

This is the main enemy if confronted with food or sugared beverages such as soda. You know that the sugar in the soda is very much, both glucose and sorbitol (artificial sweeteners). Don't think those with a family history of diabetes that can be affected by diabetes, everyone had a risk of experiencing this sugar disease. Sweet beverages could undermine the ability of insulin to process the sugar or carbohydrates.

So, stop your drinking habits were not healthy by reducing or avoiding soda from now.

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