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4 Important Benefits of Keto Diet for Weight Loss

4 Important Benefits of Diet Keto
Photo by Jennifer Burk on Unsplash
Nowadays, obesity is like an inseparable part of modern people's life. The unhealthy lifestyle and food make this problem increase from time to time. Fortunately, you can find and use many kinds of diet today. One of them that can also be said very extreme and controversial diet is diet keto.

What is Keto Diet?

From its name, maybe you know where the name comes from. The Keto here came from ketosis. Ketosis itself is a condition where your body has too many fats as fuel for producing energy, while it's lack of carbohydrate, the main fuel to turn into energy. This condition will make or force your body to burn more fats. This is what the Keto diet tries to imitate. Therefore, the menu will be low carbohydrate and has a lot of fats.

The Benefits of Keto Diet

You can get many benefits from using the Keto diet, such as:

-               Weight Loss
Of course, the first benefits are losing your weight. Cutting the carbohydrate and add more fats will make your body burn more fats that your body stored inside. And, these fats are the main reason why you have extra weight. With more fats is getting burned, you can cut down your weight a lot.

-               Controlling Your Blood Sugar
You won’t eat too much carbohydrate like what you normally do. The carbohydrate is the source of glucose which can increase your blood sugar level. So, by limiting its consumption, you will also cut down the amount of sugar that you eat. This will help you to control your blood sugar level.
In fact, the Keto diet originally is made to help people with diabetes type-2 problem. This diet can control and monitor the sugar level. So, it’s not only lowering the blood sugar level. But, this diet also can keep the sugar level in the normal level.

-               Eating Delicious Foods
Other diets maybe forbid you to taste meat and other fatty foods. However, the Keto diet does the opposite. It allows you to eat those forbidden foods. Therefore, you really can enjoy the delicious food here.
But, you also need to remember one important thing here. The fats that are allowed to be consumed is healthy fat. You can’t just take a big bite of the ribs or pork belly to get the fats intake that you need in your Keto diet. You need to be selective. The healthy fat, like Omega-3 fatty acids, is the one that you need to consume here.

-               Treating Disease
You also can use this diet to treat several diseases. Other than diabetes type-2 that mentioned earlier, there are also other diseases you can treat using this Keto diet, such as:
·                     Epilepsy on children,
·                     Lowering the heart disease risk,
·                     Nervous system problem.

Keto diet can be considered to be one of the extreme diets. Therefore, you can’t just use it like what you need. Consult with your nutritionist and doctor, so you can use the diet keto safely and get the maximum benefits from it.

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