Healthy Life Tips 4 Traditional Herb for treating Flu and Cough Children

4 Traditional Herb for treating Flu and Cough Children - Your child was sick cough and influenza? Try treating it with traditional herb that may exist in your kitchen. What are the materials that can be used? Rice crackers here.

Make ginger water warm for children who are coughing. It's easy, ginger poached with white water and add sugar to provide a sweet taste. Warm ginger juice can relieve dry cough or cough berdahak. A sense of warm ginger juice will help the healing process is naturally a cough in children. This traditional herb can you give it 1-2 times a day when children get sick.

Red Onion
red onion
When a fever or cough, you can give the grated onion and rub to the rest of the back of children while sorted out slowly. The Onion will produce gas and can warm the body of the child. You could also be slathering onion that has been mixed with the "telon oil" on the child's neck and back to give a sense of warmth and relief of throat.


4 Traditional Herb for treating Flu and Cough Children
The Lemon tart was secured for given as traditional herb in children suffering from coughing phlegm. A teaspoon of lemon juice added with honey, then stir in the warm water. Should feelings of lime are given after the child to eat as much as 2-3 times with a rate of 1-1/2 teaspoons.


4 Traditional Herb for treating Flu and Cough Children
Honey is good for your health. Honey can also treat colds and coughs in children. It's easy, I can give a teaspoon of honey before the little one to bed. Honey could help children sleep better and speed up the healing process of the cough. Yes, but remember that honey should not be given to infants under one year of age. Well, now try to check whether the kitchen is already available in a traditional herb that can help the healing process cough or flu your child?

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