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5 Healthy Tips to Improve Body Immune to Free From Corona Virus COVID19 Outbreak

At present, concerns about coronavirus infection continue to occur. One way to prevent people with MERS-CoV is to increase stamina or the immune system. 
Quoting the Guardian, according to Professor of Immunology at the University of Manchester, Sheena Cruickshank, to learn how to treat the immune system, one must understand his strength first.

Photo by CDC on Unsplash

Immune system

"When you come into contact with germs that have not been identified by your body before, you have different barriers to try to prevent it from entering your body," says Sheena.

Examples of these barriers include skin, sinuses, and microbiome. At the same time, beneath it, our bodies are filled with epithelial cells that are very difficult to pass through.

It produces antimicrobials including the most related to coronavirus, which is a fairly antiviral compound. If the pathogen passes this defense, he must fight white blood cells or immune cells.

These cells will face the virus knowingly. This system is also the basis of vaccination.

However, according to Sheena, the immune system has a blind spot. This means that the immune response cannot recognize certain viruses or germs.

However, Sheena points out that a healthy lifestyle will ensure that the body's defenses can fight these foreign viruses.

In addition, here are a number of tips to do to increase endurance or immune system:

How to improve the body's immunity

1. Consume foods rich in fiber

Arne Akbar, president of the British Society of Immunology and professor at The College University of London, said: "We live in a symbiotic relationship with our gut bacteria.

Microbes not only form the body's shield, but also the immune system programs. Breeding animals that do not have microbiomass tend to have a less developed immune response.

At the same time, people in old age with a noticeable disease of inflammation such as allergies, asthma or diabetes tend to have a less diverse gastric microbiome.

Therefore, Sheena recommends consuming foods that differ with high fiber. Because, the more vegetable food consumption, the better.

"Micromass biolump love fiber, beans and fermented foods," he added.

2. Avoid uv exposure

Microbiomas skin is also very important, but few know it. Exposure to intense UV radiation can adversely affect protection function.

Soap washing is very strong and the use of antibacterial products is also not friendly with a skin micromass. "A combination of fragrances and moisturizers may also have an effect," says Sheena.

3. Exercise

To be fit in general, physical health is also noteworthy. White blood cells can become inactive.

However, exercises can mobilize them and increase blood flow so they can do their own surveillance work to try to destroy viruses or UFOs in other parts of the body.

For example, exercise every day at least 150 minutes per week for moderate aerobic activities (hiking, gardening, cycling) or 75 minutes of energy activity (running, fast swimming, aerobic layers), according to their abilities.

While, for older people and more susceptible to infection, any sport that can be done is highly recommended.

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4. Avoid drinking alcohol

"Some research suggests that the body's defense systems are becoming less effective in people who consume alcohol," says Sheena.

In addition, high alcohol consumption can reduce lymphocytes. Even when the virus attacks, the immune system is unable to resist or fight it.

5. Sleep enough

Exercising and eating healthy can help someone sleep better. A study suggests that lack of sleep can interfere with the ability to control lymphocytes referred to as T-cells.

The study illustrates the overall natural importance of bioritmes. If you have a normal sleep pattern, you have a body rhythm and everything is fine," Akbar said.

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