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Budwig Diet And Weight Loss

Different diet plans are designed to serve a different purpose. The Budwig diet plan is specifically designed in order to aid in the process of cancer treatment. The diet puts a lot of emphasis on foodstuffs like flaxseed oil and cottage cheese. You can wash this off with fruit juices. The diet receives its name from the person who invented it that is Dr. Johanna Budwig. The main aim of the diet is to consume more polyunsaturated fatty acids in order to limit the spread of cancer cells throughout the body. The polyunsaturated fatty acids provide more energy to the healthy cells of the body. Also, when you’re following this diet, you have to gain plenty of exposure to the sun so that the amount of vitamin D in your body is always plenty. This ensures that not only the immunization function is improved but also the proper circulation of the nutrients from the diet throughout the body is also improved.

Budwig Diet And Weight Loss

What is the truth of Budwig diet?

While the Budwig diet has not been clinically tested, it shows a lot of promise. Also, there has been considerable research on flaxseed oil as well as flaxseed seeds which states that they can indeed help in curbing cancer to a certain extent. There has also been research which states that flaxseed oil can prevent cancer from occurring again. Flaxseed oil also helps in fighting cancer as per research. That is why, in addition to the normal treatment, it can certainly provide a healthier alternative to treating cancer.

Which are the foodstuffs which you need to avoid when you’re on this diet?

When you’re following this diet, you need to avoid certain foodstuffs strictly. These interfere with the main purpose of the diet. These foodstuffs include:

Wheat flour
Any kind of food which consist of excessive preservatives
Processed Meat
Processed cheese

Foods which you can consume when you’re following the Budwig diet:
Some of the foodstuffs which you can easily consume are:

Raw vegetables
Olive Oil
Goat’s milk
Fresh fruit juice
Fresh fruits

What is the truth about this diet?

Instead of thinking that this diet is a magical solution for curing cancer, you have to be more realistic. A diet alone cannot cure cancer. However, this diet surely energizes the in the cells in our body. This ensures that the cells are able to spread more as compared to the cancerous cells. That is why, even if this diet does not help you in curing cancer, it can certainly help you in reducing the speed at which cancer spreads. Once cancer spreads to different organs of the body, it becomes indeed very difficult for a person to cure cancer or to treat cancer. In order to avoid that stage this diet can help you immensely. Also, since you would be reducing the sugar intake, it would become easy for you to avoid problems like diabetes. One thing which you have to keep in mind is that you have to speak with your doctor about this diet in advance when you want to opt for it. Once your doctor allows you to follow this diet, thereafter it would become easy for you to use this diet.

So, the Budwig diet cannot help you in magically solving the problem of cancer, neither can it automatically treat cancer but surely it provides you with the added advantage while fighting cancer. Since it is capable of improving your chances of fighting cancer in a few percentage points, it is well worth it. Moreover, the diet is not that difficult to follow which ensures that you do not have to spend any extra money or time on your part in order to follow the diet. You have to just follow the diet plan and you would be able to significantly increase your chances of eliminating cancer.

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