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Healthy Foods to Eat Everyday

What Daily Foods Should We Eat to Lose Weight?

Applying a healthy diet can help protect yourself from health problems that arise because of poor diet. Then, how to develop a healthy diet? Try to apply the following 5 ways:

Healthy Foods to Eat Everyday
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  1. Balanced meal
    Nutritionist Cheryl Forberg suggests consumption of foods containing 45 percent carbohydrate, 30 percent protein, and 35 percent good fats. Unfortunately, many people avoid fat consumption for fear of increased weight. In fact, consuming less fat can make it easy to hunger. "Fat is a flavor carrier that helps other foods feel stronger," says Forberg
  2. Avoid processed foods
    Choose whole foods such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, lean meats, low-fat milk, and wheat paste, rice, and bread. Processed foods contain a lot of toxins for our body. Meanwhile, the whole food is precisely rich in antioxidants and fibers.
  3. Consume the consumption of green vegetables
    Consume greens moderately. Green vegetable contain rich in fiber and water that can make the stomach full easily. Therefore, Forberg  suggests eating more vegetables such as spinach, tomato, or green vegetables. "You'll be surprised by how much you can eat when you follow this plan," he says.
  4. Create a food journal
    Ever tried to write down any notes we ate? Do you know, writing down what we eat will enlarge the chances of losing weight twice as big. Putting aside a little time each day to write down what we eat and drink can increase the chances of losing weight.
  5. Set Healthy boundaries
    Experts recommend that women consume 1,200 to 1,500 calories a day and men from 1,600 to 2,400. "If you are very tired, eat a little more. It's about making lifestyle changes and doing something sustainable, "Forberg's suggestion.

The Best Food to Eat for Breakfast

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Recommended Breakfast Menu

Some examples of healthy breakfast menu that are good for the body include whole wheat, foods with high protein content, low fat dairy products, as well as fruits and vegetables. Whole grain can be consumed in the form of granola, muesli, or cereal. Just be sure to use additional ingredients, which doesn't contain high calories. Some examples of high protein foods include eggs, lean meats, and nuts. If you want to consume milk during breakfast, try to choose low-fat dairy products such as low-fat or lean milk, yogurt, or low-fat cheese.

It is highly recommended to combine your healthy breakfast with vegetable and fruit. Preferably, the vegetables and fruits are consumed directly at breakfast. You can also consume them in the form of juices or smoothies. Avoid using a lot of sugar in juice and use low-fat milk to serve smoothies at breakfast.

You can also combine some of these foods or drinks. Combining smoothies with granola, chia seed, nuts and dried fruit to make a healthy smoothie bowl that is currently very popular. You can also serve granola, muesli, or cereal sprinkled with fruit pieces with a glass of milk. It is allowed to drink coffee at breakfast. However, the coffee should be drunk after breakfast to prevent the risk of gastric irritation.

Avoid consuming instant food during breakfast because the sugar content or the salt is very high and can interfere with your healthy living program. In addition, instant food contains very minimal in fiber and many preservatives and other additives that are less good for the health of the body such as dyes, flavoring, or aroma boosters.

Make sure you also eat your meal when breakfast in sufficient quantities. As previously discussed, the portion of eating excessive or too much at breakfast will make you lazy to move so it will cause potential weight gain. Do not let your intention to maintain the health of the body with breakfast turned into bad habits that are unhealthy by eating a variety of instant food during breakfast. Let's start a good habit of breakfast with a healthy breakfast menu!

The Best Food to Eat for Lunch

Healthy Foods to Eat lunch
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One thing you need to know, having lunch does will not ruin your diet. It is because the diet with the selection of types and portions of lunch for a proper diet can be more successful. Are you curious about what lunch menu ideas you can choose when you're on a diet? Let's see the explanation below!

Lunch is a dietary habit that can support a successful diet. This is due to eating lunch, the appetite is more controlled so that the risk of snacking or consuming foods high in calories and rich in flavor – just because of craving can be suppressed.

In addition, energy and sugar in the body can still be fulfilled by doing lunch. In order to get the benefits, the lunch that we consume are lunch which:
• Contain enough calories, to support the fulfillment of the body's energy amid daily activities.
• Nutrient dense, namely proteins, vitamins and minerals to support the function of organs and body systems optimally.
• Contain enough fiber, to be able to give a feeling of satiety longer.
• Does not contain carbohydrates, sugars, or excessive fats, which can leads to the buildup of energy deposits in the body.

1. Green Salad
Lunch menu for the first diet is a practical food and can support a diet like salad. Salad that suitable for diet is a salad that most its raw materials are in green color to make the fiber intake are higher.

You can choose from green leafy vegetable salad ingredients, such as baby spinach, lettuce, or other green foods, for example: cucumber or avocado.

If you want the salad that you consume remains dense in nutrition, you can add a chicken or boiled fish pieces as much as 30-40 grams. Also, if you want to add carbohydrates, you can add potatoes in small portions, which are 50-70 grams.

Don't forget to keep adding other nutritional-rich foodstuffs, such as tomatoes, mushrooms, or carrots. Try to choose a healthy salad dressing, i.e. grain oil or low-fat mayonnaise.

2. The Sandwich
The idea of the next lunch diet menu is a sandwich. In order to keep your sandwich delicious and healthy, here are some tips on choosing a sandwich raw material. 
Firstly, choose wheat bread because it has more fiber. Secondly, serve green vegetables in a sandwich. Thirdly, use a fresh meat side dish, try to avoid sausages or other frozen processed meat.

Try to cook the meat in a simple way, such as grilled meat or smoked fish. Lastly, use sauces from natural and healthy ingredients, for instance fresh tomato sauce or low-fat mayonnaise.

3. Lemon Chicken
This menu is one of the menu of high-protein foods with its low fat levels. This makes the lemon chicken a good menu for lunch. In one portion, there are 39.8 grams of protein, 292 kcal with fat content of only 9.7 grams.

The way to cook is fry the chicken first until brown color, then stir fry onions and mushrooms and enter the broth water. Reduce heat then add fennel. Afterwards, add grated lemon rind, lemon juice, black pepper and celery. Simmer it until the water is reduced by half. Then, put the chicken into a pan. Cook for 15-20 minutes until the chicken cooked.

4. Oatmeal
Oatmeal is one of foods which contain high fiber and low glycemic index value. The content of vitamin B1, magnesium, phosphorus, and proteins in the oatmeal also serves to produce energy so that it keeps you excited to go through the activity.

Aside from helping to lose weight, oatmeal can also help keep cholesterol levels as well as blood sugar to stay normal. Therefore, one of the lunch menu for the right diet is oatmeal.

5. Potato
Weakness and dizziness is one of the symptoms of people who experience low blood pressure or are running a diet. To avoid experiencing the problem, you have to put potatoes in the lunch menu for the diet.

This is because, potatoes are a good source of potassium, more than banana fruit. Potassium is a mineral that can help lower blood pressure by stimulating blood vessels to widen its size. In addition, potatoes also contain calcium and magnesium, which also plays a role in controlling normal blood pressure.

The best Food to Eat for Dinner

Healthy Foods to Eat Dinner
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Many people who are undergoing a diet maintain their weight by avoiding dinner. In fact, avoiding dinner make you hungry that can leads to hard to sleep and awake at night to eat more. An anti-fat dinner Menu can be an effective alternative.

Eating in the evening is often associated with unhealthy eating patterns due to stress and boredom. Especially when in front of a TV that is often uncontrolled in consuming fatty foods, such as junkfood, chips, cakes, or sweets. Eating a dinner that is too close to sleep time is also risky to cause sleep disorders and digestion.

Fiber is very important for digestion system and can make you full longer. Fiber is also well consumed for dinner and reduces craving for fatty foods, especially for those of you who are on a diet. Examples of foods that contain fiber are fruit salad and nuts. So try to choose this menu if you feel you need food intake at night.

Salmon contains proteins, fats, and omega-3 that play an important role to nourish your body. Calorie content in salmon also tends to be low so the fish is suitable to be consumed as a dinner menu, especially if you are on a diet. Salmon can also increase metabolism and control weight. If salmon alone is not enough, you can consume it with a low-calorie and rich in fiber steamed yellow pumpkin.

According to research in Italy, those who often consume pasta from whole grain tend to have smaller hips and waist circumference also smaller weight. Another similar research from Canada reveals that whole wheat paste is able to lower blood sugar levels when compared to other carbohydrate types. You can add mushrooms in a pasta dish to make the dinner menu healthier. The mushroom itself has a high fiber and antioxidant content so it is often consumed by people who are dieting.

Unhealthy Food That are Bad for Your Health

1. Instant Noodles 
The more types of instant noodles distributed in the market, the higher the people's savor to eat this food. In fact, instant noodles are one of those foods that are harmful to your body's health, especially if it consumed every day.

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This is due to too much salt content in instant noodle seasoning which can increase blood pressure. If you consume too many instant noodles, serious health problems will potentially arise, such as stomach cancer, stroke, and heart disease due highly sodium consumed.

In addition, although instant noodles contain carbohydrates, this meal does not supply any nutrients to your body. Meanwhile, your weight will probably rise due to the carbohydrate content in it. Moreover, this food also contains monosodium glutamate (MSG) which is an additive used for food taste so that the food is more tempting.

2. Packaged Beverages
Without you being aware, the packaging sweetened drinks that are widely distributed on the market and perhaps your frequent consumption can harm your health. Why is that so? Sweet drinks have a pretty much sugar content. But when you consume it, your body does not consider that this sweet drink is food. This makes you feel you don't have to reduce your food intake or sugar intake so that there is a surge in the calories you consume. 

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Drinking sweet drinks becomes dangerous if consumed daily because the sugar content in them can make your body cells can not use blood sugar well because the cell response to insulin is impaired (insulin resistance).

This condition can increase the risk of being exposed to a wide range of serious diseases, such as liver disorders, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease. Therefore, if you want to consume a sweet drink, you can make yourself at home and control the amount of sugar you want to consume to make your health more controlled.

3. Processed Meats
Processed meats such as sausages, nuggets, or smoked meats are foods that needs to be restricted. This is because this food can be harmful to health if it eaten too much.

This type of food has been through a variety of processes that can make the nutritional content reduced. Not to mention processed foods are using preservatives to be durable.

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In some studies, one of them is published in the journal Circulation mention that the habit of consuming processed meats can increase the risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes mellitus.

This goes with the journal Nutrition and Cancer, that people who too often eat processed meats are more prone to cancer. In this journal it is mentioned that the processing can trigger cancer substances.
So, you shouldn't eat nuggets, sausages, or other processed meats. To meet your protein needs, you can eat beef, chicken, or fish that you processed naturally.

4. Packaged Sauce

Packaged sauce is harmful if it is consumed in large quantity. If it is still in small quantities and is rarely consumed, the packaged sauce may not be too harmful. Unfortunately, the packaged sauce becomes one of the food you eat in almost every day

Nowadays, many restaurants provide you with packaging to put on the main food. It makes you hooked to always use it, other than because Sauce does add a certain flavor to the food. However, if you always apply the sauce to your food, it can harm your health condition.

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Sauce became a dangerous food if consumed many times because based on the United States Department of Agriculture, the packaging sauce contains 2 grams of sugar, so that the tomato content in the packaging is ' lost ' by the content of sugar and salt in it and make this food lose its nutrients.

It would be better if you make a home-made tomato sauce so you can measure the dose of the ingredients you use to make it

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