Pros and Cons of Weight Loss Surgery

Pros and Cons of Weight Loss Surgery
Today, the medical technology can help people to lose weight faster through weight loss surgery. But does the procedure really safe? Find out the pros and cons relate to the various weight loss procedures here.

#1. Gastric Bypass

This surgery was developed for the first time during the 1960s that involves the procedure to split the stomach into two parts. This allows the limit intake of food so that the weight body can be reduced faster. The procedure will make the patient feel fuller quicker for the long period of time. This also leads the limit absorption of calories that usually contribute to weight gain.
•    The Pros
It can create the most dramatic results among all and the patient can lose weight fast. The total weight loss can result is about 50% on average. The patients can also maintain the weight loss up to two years. This will make it possible for the people with medical problems to experience faster recovery from various illness include high blood pressure, sleep apnea, and diabetes.
•    Cons
Despite the fast weight loss that the patients can enjoy, this surgery can cause them to have fewer calories and nutrients. In the other words, those who take this procedure can have less absorption of vitamins, irons, and calcium that are very important for health. Gastric bypass is also considered as major surgery that can cause health risks such as infections and blood clots.

#2. Gastric Banding

In this procedure, there will be an inflatable band which is put around the stomach. This is aimed to create the upper stomach with smaller size and the lower part with a larger size.
•    Pros
The result of this weight loss surgery is permanent and only requires a simple procedure. Not only that, this gastric banding is considered safer if compared and the recovery time needed is also shorter. This is also possible for the surgeon to tighten or loosen the band by doing a certain injection.
•    Cons
Despite the benefits that people can get from gastric banding procedure is safer, it takes more time for the people to lose weight. In the other words, the afflictions related to the weight will remain long after the surgery procedure. Not only that, this surgery also comes with potential risks such as the probability for the band to leak or slip. This will cause pain and can only be recovered by surgery.

#3. Gastric Sleeve
In this surgery, three-quarters of the stomach will be removed from the patients’body. The remaining parts will be resembled sleeve which is used to link the small intestine with the esophagus.
•    Pros
This kind of weight loss procedure will be ideal the most for people with complications or higher health risks before the surgery and involves no foreign device left in the body. Thus, there will be no slip, infection, or complication caused by the surgery.
•    Cons
Gastric sleeve is considered the most irreversible of all. This means that the stomach parts will be removed completely. The stomach through this weight loss surgery will be stapled to at the part where it is cut and prone to leak. This will cause various health problems such as infection.
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