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6 Potential Dangers of the Keto Diet for weight loss

6 Potential Dangers of the Keto Diet
keto diet
The diet keto has a strong effect that can help you to lose more weight than other diets. The main reason is your body will be forced to enter the ketosis state. In this state, your body will burn more fats. Therefore, you also can lose more weight. However, it’s also similar to other diets. There are some risks in it. You need to know these risks, so you will ready to use it. Here, we have the explanation about the risks of the Keto diet.

1. Lack of Healthy Carbohydrate

The Keto diet cut down the carbohydrate intake in great amount. Although you can still eat food that has carbohydrate inside, the amount of the food isn’t enough. If you can’t choose the right carbohydrate type or your body condition can deal with this change of carbohydrate intake, it can give you some problem, the lack of carbohydrate problem.

2. Tired and Fatigue

When you have this condition, there are many effects you will feel. Carbohydrate is the substance that can be changed into energy faster than other substance. So, you also feel tired and fatigue because of the low intake of carbohydrate.

3. Nutritional Deficiencies

Just remember, carbohydrate doesn’t always come from rice, potato or bread. You also can get from vegetable and nuts. The Keto diet cut down the intake of all of those ingredients. Unfortunately, those sources of carbohydrate also have many other useful nutrients that you’re body needs, like Vitamins, minerals, fibers and other useful nutrients that you can’t get from other foods.

4. Constipation and Bowel Problems

The lack of fruits and vegetables in the Keto diet also can cause constipation and bowel problems. The main reason is the fibers inside the fruits and vegetables. You can’t get these fibers from meats and fish that become the main ingredient in the Keto diet menu.

5. Loss of Electrolytes

The Keto diet imitates the ketosis condition that happens on the people with obesity and diabetes condition. This condition makes your body burn more fats. However, there is also a risk that you also lose more electrolytes than when you lose it in normal condition. Why?
In ketosis condition, the process to remove the glycogen will be started. This is the excess substance in the fats and muscle. The removing of glycogen is the main reason why you can lose weight so fast with the Keto diet. With more glycogen have been thrown away, you will urinate more than usual and resulting to loss of electrolytes.

6. Losing Muscle Tissue

Doing the Keto diet for a long period of time will keep your body to burn more fats and throw away more glycogen. When there is less of these two substances, your muscle tissue will become the fuel of the burning process. In the end, it will also affect your appearance.
We never said that diet keto is bad for your health. After all, this diet has been used to treat many people with obesity and other diseases. You will only have a higher chance to get all those risks if you use it without proper preparation and expert help. 

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