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Weight Loss Surgery: Which Type is Best for You?

There are many options that people can choose to lose their weight. Some people pick up the natural ways and some others choose more instant one, include weight loss surgery. There are some types of surgeries to help people lose weight quickly. But, which one is the rightest for you?

Weight Loss Surgery
weight loss surgery

Weight Loss Surgery: What Is It About?
Weight loss surgery or sometimes known as bariatric surgery is aimed to help people lose their weight and reduce the risk of medical problems which are often linked to obesity. There are two common ways in which the bariatric surgery contributes to people weight loss. The first way is called as the restriction in which the surgery is done is used to limit the food intake physically. In this way, the calories that people consumed can be limited too. Malabsorption is the second method used to reduce weight in the surgery. It is applied to shorten the small intestine. This can help the patient to lower the amount of nutrient and calories absorbed by the body.

Types of Bariatric Surgery

There are four types of weight loss surgery that often conducted to reduce weight, include:

1.     Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass

In this type of bariatric surgery, the surgeon will make a small pouch which is placed on the top part of the stomach. The pouch will be used as the only place where the stomach can receive the food consumed by the patients. In this way, people will be able to limit the amount of food and beverages they take each time. The food which is consumed will flow directly to the intestine from the pouch created. However, this method will not avoid the main part of the stomach to do its duty to create digestive juice.

2.     Laparoscopic

The laparoscopic procedure involves a band which contains a balloon that can be inflated around the top part of the stomach. This procedure will make it possible for the creation of a small pouch on the upper part of the band. The pouch made comes with the very narrow opening to all parts of the stomach. The surgeon will place a port just below the abdomen’s skin. There will be a tube which is placed to connect the band and the port.

3.     Sleeve Gastrectomy

The third type of bariatric surgery is the sleeve gastrectomy. In this surgery procedure, the stomach’s part will be separated and then removed from the patients’ body to create the smaller size of the stomach. In this way, the stomach will not be able to hold much food anymore. Then, a tubelike structured will be formed on the remaining part of the stomach. This makes the patient have less appetite than before. Unlike the other types of bariatric procedures, the sleeve gastrectomy does not influence the absorption of nutrients and calories in the body.

4.     Biliopancreatic Diversion

Just like the sleeve gastrectomy, the biliopancreatic diversion surgery also involves a procedure to remove a large part of the stomach, including the valve and duodenum. After that, the middle part of the intestine will be closed and the last part of the organ is attached to the duodenum. This type of weight loss surgery will limit the calories and nutrient absorption.

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