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What Is Keto Diet?


What Is Keto Diet?
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You might hear a lot about the Keto diet but you do not quite know what the keto diet is. What is Keto? Keto diet is a diet method that helps your body to adapt to the new situation that can lead you to your weight goal. Let’s find out more about keto and all the important information you need about keto before you start the keto diet.

About Keto Diet

The Keto diet is very popular these days because it can help people to lose weight and to maintain their good health. What is keto anyway? Keto diet is a low carb diet. It is not only about the diet method, but it is about understanding how your body works and reaching your goal.

Your body produces ketones in the liver and turns it into energy. To make it easier to understand, your body produces insulin and glucose whenever you consume foods that are high in carbs. Glucose is the main energy that your body will use to stay mobile. Thus, your fats will not be used because the glucose is there to supply the energy that your body needs. 

The purpose of lowering the carb is to cut the glucose supply and at this condition. This state is known as ketosis. It is a natural process that your body will adapt to find another way to help you survive when there is only a low food intake that your body can get. This state causes your body to produce ketones. Ketones are produced by the breakdown of the fats in the liver. It will help you to let your body work its best to lose weight. 

It is amazing to know how amazing our body can adapt to something new and possibly far from your habit. This diet will benefit you a lot if you want to lose weight effectively. Let’s see what benefits you can get by doing this keto diet.

The Benefits of Keto Diet

Keto diet can give plenty of benefits that are not limited to losing weight. If you have problems with acne or severe acne, you will find this keto diet effective. The production of glucose in your body can lead to the production of acne. Thus, lowering your carb intake might be the best solution to get rid of acne. 

Keto diet can also help you to strengthen your brain and nerve cells. You can help to protect your brain because the ketones can help to generate your body to provide neuroprotective benefits. It will be good to prevent Alzheimer’s disease and also to manage it. This keto diet can also help your body to fight against the PCOS symptoms. PCOS is a polycystic ovary syndrome. 

It is a hormonal disorder that can cause the excess production of male hormones, polycystic ovaries, and ovulatory dysfunction. People with this issue will benefit from the keto diet and reach the hormone balance. 

This keto diet will help you to improve your heart health. According to the studies, some people drop their cholesterol levels significantly after practicing the keto diet. It also helped them to improve good cholesterol production. The bad cholesterol can cause the risk of cardiovascular disease. It is very dangerous for your heart health. This diet will help you to control the intake of bad cholesterol and you can maintain the good health of your heart.

Foods to Consume on Keto Diet

If you are ready to join the keto diet, you will need to know what food that you can consume to help you succeed on your diet. The first thing is fish and seafood. These foods are good for you to consume during the keto diet. 

Fishes are good for you, especially fatty fish like salmon. It contains good nutrients that your body needs. Red meat is also good to consume. It is low in carbs so that it is a keto-friendly food. You do not need to consume the meat in huge amounts because what you need is the fat, not the protein. 

You also will need to consume a lot of vegetables that are grown on the above ground. You can start with broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, spinach, green beans, carrots, and many more. The consumption of potatoes, sweet potatoes, or other ground vegetables is not recommended. 

They are high in carbs so that it will not help you to stick with the keto diet. You will also need a source of natural fat such as olive oil, butter, fish, and eggs. Do not be afraid of consuming fat. What you need to avoid is sugar intake and carbs intake. Ensure that you drink plenty of water every day. You can drink coffee or tea but without sugar. A little bit of milk will be okay to have.

Common Side Effects on Keto Diet

Even though the Keto diet is very effective to support weight loss, there are some common side effects that can happen to you if you are following this keto diet. One common side effect is constipation. Constipation can happen because dehydration occurs. 

However, it can be prevented if you drink plenty of water. Some people forget to drink when they are busy. Ensure that you drink enough to avoid constipation. Choose vegetables that are high in fiber so that you will not have this constipation issue. Another side effect is cramping. 

The lack of minerals, especially magnesium in your body can cause you cramps. Ensure that you drink a lot and use salt in your cooking. Salt can help your body from losing magnesium. It is a minor issue, but it is better if you can prevent this before it happens.

Those are about the keto diet that you need to know before you decided to try out this diet method. Losing weight should not be the only goal because you have to focus on your health. If you are disciplined in doing this Keto diet, for sure you will feel that your health is improved and weight loss will follow.

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