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How Much Weight has Adele Lost?

How much weight has adele lost - Adele did a stunning achievement by losing her weight drastically. Imagine that Adele lost 40 pounds in a year. Now, she has a beautiful body and voice. So, what did Adele do to burn her fat effectively? We will try to reveal the secret behind Adele’s weight program below. The information may inspire you to do the same and get ideal weight like Adele. 

How Much Weight has Adele Lost?

About Sirtfood Diet 

Sirtfood diet is the secret of how Adele reduces her weight drastically only within a year. This diet focuses on how to boost sirtuins or a group of seven proteins found in the body. The more sirtuins you have in the body, the better your metabolism. The better your metabolism, the faster you lose weight. 

Sirtfood diet uses natural plant compounds to increase the number of proteins in the body. You can find these valuable compounds in foods such as strawberries, onions, kale, soy, parsley, extra virgin olive oil, blueberries, and many more. 

The interesting thing is that Sirtfood dieters can also consume chocolate and drink coffee. It is because coffee and chocolate contain valuable compounds that can boost protein in the body. Indeed, you still have to follow the calorie restriction to get a maximal result like Adele. 

How To Do Sirtfood Diet

Like other diet plans, the Sirtfood diet also uses a meal plan method based on the calorie counts. You have to start the first three days by consuming less than 1.000 calories per day. It means you only have to eat a single meal and two green juices. After that, you can eat more calories but less than 1.500 calories in the first week for four days. 

The focus of this diet is eating more on the food that can boost proteins and not anything else. In the end, you don’t need to count the calorie limit as long as you eat food only on the list of the Sirtfood diet plan. Most of the ingredients are easy to find. A green juice becomes one of the keys to get a maximal result on this diet. You have to drink it between one and three times daily. This diet can lose weight up to 7 pounds or 3.2 kg in only 7 days.  

The Benefits of Sirtfood Diet 

In the fall of 2019, people were shocked to see Adele looks slimmer than before. Based on the information, Adele hired a personal trainer and tried the Sirtfood diet. 

Because of that, Adele lost around 50 pounds of her weight in only a year. She even felt a significant difference after doing it for a year. She only joked that she lost her weight because of the COVID-19 restriction. Adele looked happy with her achievement. It might because she still eats chocolate and drinks wine, although she is a dieter.

Based on what the dieters must consume when they are a Sirtfood dieter, this diet has a lot of benefits. Let say dieters can eat moderate amounts of dark chocolate which contains a high cocoa level. Cocoa is one of the superfoods that lower the risk of heart disease and fight against inflammation. 

Green tea is another ingredient that you must consume during the Sirtfood diet program. The valuable compounds in green tea can reduce the risk of stroke, diabetes, and lower blood pressure. You also have to eat turmeric during this diet in which this ingredient has anti-inflammatory properties. The properties protect your body against a variety of diseases caused by inflammation. 

Side Effects 

Based on the benefits, the Sirtfood diet plan is healthy. Dieters even can feel healthier after a few weeks. It is because their body has more antioxidant or anti-inflammatory properties. 

The most important thing is that you have to do it with the supervision of a physician. It is also the reason why adele hires a personal trainer. You have to make sure that your body can accept the side effect after doing this diet. It is because you only eat the types of ingredients that are considered as Sirtfood and not anything else.  

You still have to know the side effects during or after doing the Sirtfood diet. One of the issues with this diet is tight calorie restrictions. At the same time, dieters have to remove specific foods from their list. This rule may trigger an eating disorder problem. The amount of calories is also too little for adults. Because of that, dieters may don’t have energy and fit the macro and micronutrients. One thing for sure is that the Sirtfood diet can lose weight in the short term because of the caloric restriction rule. People may love to do this diet because they can eat some of their favorite food in which most diet plans don’t allow dieters to consume.   

Bottom Line 

Despite the side effects, the Sirtfood diet plan gives hope to people who want to lose weight. Adele doesn’t answer clearly whether she applies the Sirtfood diet or not. The ingredients of the Sirtfood diet plan have health benefits. Calorie restriction can also reduce weight. 

The most important thing is that you have to use a personal trainer to make sure that this diet plan is safe for you. Make sure that you can enjoy the result and not make you hospitalized. You have to learn more about this diet plan before doing it including the benefits, things to do, things you can’t do, side effects, and many more. The more complete the information you get, the better because it answers whether it is safe enough to do or not. 

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Adele is one of the success stories of how someone reduces weight. It is a good inspiration for people who have the same problem with their weight. In the end, Adele achieves one of her goals in life. 

As one of her fans, you have to be happy with that and also inspired by it. All you have to do is find complete information about the Sirtfood diet plan and decide whether you can follow it or not. Do this diet if it is okay for you and find another diet plan if it affects your health. 

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