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Carnivore Diet Plan 2021

Carnivore Diet Plan 2021
Carnivore Diet Plan 2021So many types of diet are to choose from currently. You can name them; there are intermittent fasting, vegan diet, Mediterranean diet, Keto diet, low-carb diet, and more. Besides, there is a new one that seems to get more and more popular. Is it the Carnivore diet? Does it sound weird? Yes, just like the name, when undergoing this, you only need to consume foods from meat or dishes that are rich in protein and fat. Uniquely, you need to stop consuming carbohydrates including them coming from fruits and vegetables.


The carnivore diet sounds unhealthy indeed. However, as long as you can make a good plan, the risks can be reduced. Besides, it is proven that this type of diet can give some health benefits. Here they are.

1.Losing Weight

It is clear enough. The main purpose of people doing this diet is to lose weight. The carnivore diet doesn’t allow you to consume carbohydrates that can cause gaining weight. Yes, carbohydrate is the primary reason for the problem anyway. Therefore, removing its consumption is considered the best thing to do so that the ideal weight can be on your hands.

2.Preventing Depression

For some people, the carnivore diet successfully gives an effect to reduce psychological problems including depression and anxiety. However, it is not known yet how the diet works in reducing them. Besides, the effectiveness of the diet in preventing depression is also not for all people.

3.Preventing Autoimmune Disorder

The carnivore diet is also called the anti-inflammation diet that is beneficial for people with autoimmune conditions. The diet tends to reduce the sensitivity toward foods or solving the food intolerance problem.


Although the carnivore diet can give some health benefits, it doesn’t mean that it is completely safe. Even many experts agree that the diet is really controversial compared with other types of the low-carb diet. Of course, there are some risks you may experience if the diet is not conducted properly. What are those risks?


Based on some surveys, the carnivore diet tends to give a side effect when it is conducted in a long term, more than 30 days. Some people confess that they can be more easily tired in doing their daily activities than before. It means that doing this diet may reduce their productivity.


The meat that becomes the primary ingredient for the diet has a high level of saturated fat and cholesterol. The saturated fat causes the increase of LDL with risks of giving problems in the cardiovascular system. Additionally, there is a high possibility to consume meat and other ingredients with high levels of salt or sodium. It causes hypertension anyway.


When doing the carnivore diet, it is not suggested to consume foods from plants including fruits and vegetables. This is another reason why the diet is very controversial. Fruits and vegetables are full of fiber that helps you to keep your digestive system healthy. Of course, lacking their consumption causes digestive problems like constipation.

4.Deficiency of Folic Acid

Folic acid is a very important substance contained in vegetables and fruits. Sure, the carnivore diet simply causes the deficiency of folic acid if it is conducted for a long time. There are some health risks following it including anemia, heart problems, nerve damage, higher risks of stroke, and more. Since folic acid is really important for pregnancy, women with a pregnancy program are also not recommended to undergo this type of diet.

Understanding the Carnivore Diet Plan

If there are more risks than benefits, so, does it mean that the carnivore diet should be completely avoided? Well, it is not really like that. You can still undergo the diet if you think it is the most necessary one for you. However, learning about and understanding it is very important before starting.

After knowing the benefits and risks of the carnivore diet, you must check your body conditions first. It is whether the diet will be suitable for you or not. If you have a tendency of hypertension and stroke, of course, you must avoid it. However, if the diet seems to be safe for you, it is okay to continue it. Furthermore, make sure to make a good plan and menu so that it can really work for you.

The Carnivore Diet Plan Menu

So, what is the menu for the carnivore diet plan? Sure, all of the ingredients used are coming from animals. They are around meat, eggs, meat, and others. The most important thing is, make sure to vary the menu. You should not rely on one or two particular foods only although they are probably your favorite dishes.

To conduct a carnivore diet program for a week, some ingredients to include in your shopping list are as follows. They are grilled beef, fresh lamb, bacon, grilled trout fillets, roasted pork, roasted salmon, grilled chicken, and grilled rib-eye steak. It is okay if you want to add some types of seafood like fishes, shrimps, squids, and others. However, the amount must be less for the very high cholesterol level they have.

Vary those menus every day. Even the menu for breakfast must be different from the menu for lunch or dinner. Besides, the amount of every type of meat to consume should be limited also. For example, you can only consume around 10 ounces of grilled beef with a slice of cheese. Then, you cannot eat until dinner time is coming. For dinner, choose another menu. If you prefer eating fresh lamb, only 12 ounces are enough.

The Results

Just like other diet programs, the results must be different from one person to another. Some people may be successful with their carnivore diet only in around 2 weeks. Meanwhile, for some others, they need more time. So, you must be patient while regularly checking your weight. Additionally, if there is a problem during the time undergoing the carnivore diet, you must consult the doctor. Of course, if the doctor says to stop, you need to stop.

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