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GOLO Diet: Explanations, Benefits, and Lacks

GOLO Diet Explanations, Benefits, and Lacks
From so many diet methods and plans available around, the term diet GOLO may be the strangest one. Yes, this type of diet is still new. It is developed by a group of doctors and pharmacists with the purpose to balance hormones. 

When the hormone is not balanced, it leads to stress and anxiety. Other risks are fatigue, hunger, and bad sleeping quality. Of course, it just damages your health and productivity entirely.

Interestingly, most people with those problems tend to eat more to make them feel more relaxed. They eat uncontrollably and emotionally that, of course, makes their health problems get worse. This way, the GOLO diet comes as a solution. 

The inventors of the diet believe that managing eating habits and exercises are not enough to solve health problems including losing weight. Then, they produce supplements namely Release that contain plant and mineral extracts to manage the insulin-based physical and psychological aspects.

Focus on the Management of the Insulin Level

Well, it can also be said that the GOLO diet focuses on the management of the insulin level to push weight loss. There is a general knowledge that carbohydrate and sugar are substances that lead to weight gain and obesity. Therefore, it is reasonable if many types of diet are then highlighted to the methods to reduce carbohydrate first.

You can take a look at other popular diet programs followed by many people. Keto and Carnivore diets, for example, completely stop people consuming carbohydrate and sugar and focusing on the fat and protein consumptions. The fat becomes the energy source to replace carbohydrates. Then, weight loss can be achieved.

Meanwhile, there is also a low-carb diet that still enables people to consume carbohydrate and sugar but in a very limited amount. Again, the accumulation of fat transforms as energy and this is how they can lose their weight. 

Additionally, there are also vegan diets with the same concept in which the reduction of sugar is the main point to get the ideal body people wish.

In the GOLO diet, insulin is the primary weapon. The hormone is known to fight against sugar accumulation in your body. By consuming supplements containing insulin, it is expected that people can achieve their ideal body as well as solving some health problems. 

Health Benefits of the GOLO diet

As it has been mentioned above, the team who invents diet GOLO claims that the method is effective to bring back the balance of the body’s hormones. This way, the accumulation of sugar can be reduced as well as remove your bad eating habits. Besides, the diet is also considered to bring some other health benefits.

1. Reduce the Risk of Diabetes

Sugar or carbohydrate accumulation is not only related to weight gain and obesity but also diabetes. The natural insulin produced by people with diabetes cannot effectively stop the level of sugar blood. Therefore, they need additional insulin supplements from the outside. 

The GOLO diet lets you consume insulin supplements, almost similar things for diabetic patients. Of course, the supplements are produced to make them safe for normal people. By consuming supplements in the GOLO diet, at the same time, you have reduced the risk of diabetes.

2. Improve the Thyroid Gland Performance

There are some hormones that influence weight gain. Despite insulin, your gaining weight may also be caused by the inactive Thyroid gland. The supplement for GOLO diet is also claimed to improve the Thyroid gland performance without making it hyperactive. Therefore, some other health benefits can be achieved as well. The gland itself is known to manage some following functions; the body temperature, appetite, substance absorptions, speed and strength of the heartbeat, physical and brain developments, oxygen usage, sleeping patterns, and more. If all of them are good, it can just be said that your body is healthy, in general.

3. Prevent and Relieve PCOS

Some women suffer from PCOS or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. It is signed with some symptoms including irregular menstruation patterns, the growth of hair on unnecessary body areas, and infertility. Unfortunately, many of them just don’t realize it after they find themselves cannot be simply pregnant. The syndrome is caused by the hormone imbalance as well. With the supplement for the GOLO diet, it is expected that the imbalance can turn into balance.

4. There is no prohibition in food consumptions

This diet method is claimed to not give you any prohibition in food consumption. There is a belief that your body needs all types of nutrition like carbohydrates, fat, protein, vitamins, minerals, and others. Prohibiting you from consuming one of them just causes health problems. 

The most important thing is that the hormones that manage those substances work well. This way, they can work optimally and not be accumulated excessively in your body. Yes, this is the main principle of the GOLO diet.

Lacks of the GOLO Diet

There is nothing perfect in this world. Sure, despite all the health benefits you may get from conducting the GOLO diet, you can find some lacks also. So, what are the lacks you should know? Here they are.

1. The Supplements May Not Work in All People

The most important key to the GOLO diet is supplement consumption. The supplement itself consists of substances like magnesium, zinc, chromium, and some other natural properties. 

They are composed in certain amounts with an expectation that the product can really work in managing the hormones. But the fact is not always like that. People have their own conditions. Not all of them can accept the supplement properties well to manage their hormone balance.

2. Costs

In other diet programs, you only need to think about food management to consume. Well, even they probably still need to spend more money on them. In the GOLO diet, your spending is getting more for the supplement. 

Of course, you even cannot avoid the supplement at all since it becomes the primary property of the diet program. Making sure to understand this type of diet deeply before starting is very important. Therefore, you will not spend your money uselessly.

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