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Green Tea Diet

Green Tea Diet - Obesity has become one among the main health issues in our society today. quite half the American population is overweight or obese. As a result, diet and weight loss plans became increasingly popular. But not all diet plans work. And not all of them are necessarily risk-free. A safer alternative for people eager to reduce are tea diets.

About tea 

For thousands of years, tea diet has been highly valued by the Chinese as an herbal and medicinal drink. it had been believed that tea diet was first discovered by the Chinese Emperor Shen Nung who was boiling water when the leaves of a close-by tree fell into his pot. The result was the primary ever pot of tea .

Like all three of the main Asian teas within the market, tea comes from the plant called Carmellia sinensis. Much of the health benefits of tea diets owe to the steaming method of creating it. As against black and oolong tea which undergoes full oxidization, tea diet is merely gently steamed, preserving the natural antioxidants in its original form.

The Health Benefits of tea Diet

There are many health benefits related to having a tea diet. one among these tea diet benefits is preventing cancer. Certain substances present in tea diets are said to assist in destroying cancer cells without harming any neighboring tissues. This substance in tea diets is named epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG. 

EGCG in tea diets is additionally helpful in increasing the 24-hour energy expenditure of the body. A study on tea diets conducted by American and Swiss scientists within the University of Geneva showed a further increase of 4 percent within the body’s natural energy expenditure. people that were on a tea diet were more likely to spend more fats than those not on a tea diet.

Also, tea diets are said to greatly help in lowering down cholesterol levels in humans. The study on tea diets was conducted in China using 240 people with high cholesterol levels as subjects. These people were placed on a tea diet of 1 capsule (equivalent to seven cups of green tea) or got one placebo a day . After twelve weeks, those that were on a tea diet dropped sixteen percent in their cholesterol levels.

Tea diets also can be a possible cure to obesity. The catechin polyphenols present in tea diets can delay the reaction of gastric and pancreatic lipases within the body. These enzymes are liable for converting calories within the body into fats. By delaying these enzymes, tea diets can therefore stop fat from being stored and stop obesity in people.

Tea diets contain substantial amount of caffeine that make it a light appetite-suppressant. However, caffeine content in tea diets isn't as high as those found in other caffeine-based beverages, like coffee. Caffeine could also be harmful for the body since an more than it can cause heart palpitations, hypertension, and insomnia. Because tea diets contain only very low levels of caffeine, there's no danger of experiencing these side-effects.


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