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Classification and morphology of Watermelon Plants

Classification too morphology of Watermelon Plants – Watermelon establish has the Latin mention "Lanatus Citrullus Tun" comes from Africa. These plants spread to various continents together with take these kinds of highly various, the found notwithstanding has a family unit alongside a pumpkin or by the Latin bring up "Cucurbitaceae" which has a spherical shape oval, dark-green, has a light-green stripe irregular and likewise has a pare thick. For more than details run into the classification and morphology watermelon equally follows.

Classification  Of  Watermelon Plant

Kingdom: Plantae

Subkingdom: Tracheobionta

Division: Magnoliophyta

Class: Magnoliopsida

Subclass: Dilleniidae

Order: Violales

Family: Cucurbitaceae

Genus: Citrullus

Species: Citrullus Lanatus  Tub

Watermelon Plant Morphology

Watermelon establish is a establish of the flavour, grow vines upwardly to iii-4 meters. Having a soft rod, angled, long-haired together with reaches 1-v meters. Leaf watermelon alternate, sessile, as well as take fur. Leaves nearly three-25 cm long with a width of 1.five to five cm. wavy foliage edges and the lower surface of the leafage tightly hate inward his bones.

watermelon plants flowering inwards the axillary, yellowish. watermelon has 3 types of bloom are the male flowers, female flowers, as well as perfect flowers. In full general, watermelon plants take male person as well as female person flowers amongst a proportion ratio of vii: 1.

Watermelon establish has a rattling varied shape alongside a length of 20-twoscore cm, has a diameter of 15-20 cm, weighing 4-twenty kg. The found forms a circular, oval, too oval-shaped and fifty-fifty some box.

Watermelon has a really thick skin, flesh too slippery. Watermelon flesh is white if it is nonetheless slow as well as when ripe the color to cherry-red, yellowish as well as other besides depends on the diversity. Meat watermelon plant contains a lot of H2O and has a sweet taste. These plants take seeds of dark, white as well as yellowish in addition to dark-brown in addition to even in that location is a watermelon without seeds.

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