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How To Pick A Good Watermelon

How To Pick A Good Watermelon?  - Watermelon flora is already producing fruit after the historic period of lxx to 100 days after planting in the planting surface area, depending on weather condition conditions in addition to the type of seed planted. Plants that behave fruit tin can live harvested at the same fourth dimension simultaneously, but not at the same fruiting plants are unremarkably picked twice. At showtime been picking fruit old. In the 2d picking, all the fruit picked, because the plants had dried leaf in addition to fruit could non train; learned also on the third occasion, ie a few days subsequently, when it is possible.


How To Pick A Good Watermelon - Fruits that are old, when plucked color is light-colored flesh. But after ii days, the fruit flesh color will grow old, but the weight of the fruit volition live slightly declining. Usually, farmers sell direct after the fruit is picked to middlemen inwards the harvest takes place. The fruit is weighed using a hanging scale after beingness selected by the course of fruit, which is divided into:
  • Class A: Fruit size of 4 kg upwards, perfectly shaped according to the type of seed, are non deformed or porous.
  • Class B: 2-4 kg fruits are perfectly shaped according to the type of seed, no defects; Fruit size of 4 kg as well as in a higher place who suffered deformities or defects that are nevertheless within the tolerance limits
  • Class C (Small): Fruit size nether 2 kg, the fruit is ripe and consumed.
  • Class D or Class quondam sort gild: 
The fruit is the fruit of all sizes with disabilities beyond the limits of tolerance of each class, but nevertheless worthy to live consumed.
  • Class bad fruit consumption, due to decay, raw, in addition to other causes.
How To Pick A Good Watermelon - Fruit picking is done at the time the conditions was beautiful in addition to sunny, picking fruit in the dry out condition of the peel surface of the fruit, so that can live retained for some fourth dimension at the retail level. Fruit picking jobs, demand to pay attention to several aspects:

1. Maturity of Fruit
Watermelon is old (mature) should be picked so that no severe shrinkage and lineament. Signs of fruit ready to live picked are:
  • Fruit stalk smaller, until y'all run into does non match the size of the fruit. Stalk as it is non hairy, and normally tend striped brownish inwards some fourth dimension more than as well as more dominant.
  • Shiny fruit colour.
  • Tendrils at the base of operations of the small pieces and dried upward.
  • Fruit section located on the foundation to change color from white to nighttime yellowish.
  • When tapped, the fruit that has parents tend to publish high notes. In this way must live done carefully, because at a certain form of watermelon is tardily to fissure the fruit skin.
2. How Plucking
The fruit is picked at a fourth dimension tin can be straight cutting amongst scissors at the fruit stalk distance vii cm from the fruit. The planned picked fruit gradually been actually old, then picked as the higher up

3. The Mode of Transport
* From the Plantation to the Place Weighing
If the planting area is located inwards the middle of rice plain environs so that vehicles tin non reach the area of cultivation, the fruit is transported past a handbasket by dry out straw mat and so live picked upwardly or carried to the home of weighing.

* From the Planting Site to Get to a Shelter
Fruit that has been weighed arranged on the vehicle flooring that has been coated with a 10-fifteen cm thick dry straw. High maximum composition 7 pieces, amongst a coating of dry straw in each fruit. Fruit horizontal place (horizontal).

4. The Storage Method
* Indoors Temperature
The fruit is placed horizontally on the shelves inward the refrigerator; arranged so that the fruit beginning entry will first live sold. Humidity in the room is set on the number reach 80% -85%, room temperature (cold room) of 4.4 ° Celsius (almost forty degrees Fahrenheit).

* In the Room Without Temperature Control
In such a storage room, a straw every bit flooring must be completely dry, so as non to movement rot on the fruit due to wet from wet straw. Air circulation (ventilation) must live guaranteed; not exposed to sunlight too make clean of pests. Fruit to live stored fresh, no holes to eject the liquid, dried fruit peel properly.

Fruits maximum of 3 pieces arranged horizontally, amongst the given floor mat 10-xv cm thick dry out straw together with a little dry out straw inserted inward each system of fruit.

* Special Treatment
Fruit stemmed already seen rot because of tardily-picked because of unfavorable weather condition (eg pelting oft her), exfoliated using a abrupt knife that is soaked alongside a fungicide or bactericide before use.


Most farmers volition re-cultivate watermelon productive land have got been harvested for replanting with the same flora. It turned out that the two crops were no less expert alongside yields before menstruum, even lower costs than the costs incurred in the planting of the previous catamenia. This tin can occur because:

  • The cost for testing is not necessary to hold state.
  • Costs tin can live saved because of a raised bed on the second planting flow, beds that hold been at that place solely a few overhauled. The cost of planting materials together with drugs can live saved because at that place is a possibility that the drug in addition to the rest of the planting cloth that is the less proficient catamenia I became improve inward the planting season next yr.
  • Indirectly, the time required for preparation of the planting of the 2d menstruation is shorter so the toll of the country lease tin be saved.

Before deciding relocation of planting the 2nd menses, the relocation itself needs to live considered:

  • Is the harvest menses I evaluated it turns profitable? If you lot neglect to lose, it is necessary to find the crusade. If losses occur due to technical factors that are not due to environmental conditions or circumstances on the ground the expanse, and so relocate it tin be done for the planting menses II
  • Whether the estimated fourth dimension needed for planting to harvest the 2d catamenia was plenty, that is yet to come up the rainy season. Should nosotros ignore this look, because many farmers are however planting watermelons inward the rainy flavour as well as the results are practiced so that watermelon is available on the market place throughout the yr?

If both of the in a higher place aspects has Kila carefully and the consequence turned out to support the relocation of the 2nd stage, nosotros can seek relocation. Relocation processing stages are as follows:

1. Form Overhauled to Move the Line Seedbed Planting

Beds demand to be changed such that the lines stay on edge planting beds, but with novel land, inwards the planting catamenia, I have not experienced the basic fertilization phase so it can be expected to comprise elements of Earth "new" is notwithstanding incomplete.

Seedbed tin can be dismantled for a relocation of this 2nd menstruum only planting beds that follow the design of the shape:
* Single Beds amongst Double Cropping lines
The procedure for embankment overhaul, are shown inwards the following:

From the motion picture in a higher place, it appears the middle embankment drainage ditches dug into the road at the same time care. The excavated soil used to fill the old drainage channels to shape new beds alongside central axle occupies the former old drainage channel (commencement growing catamenia).

* The Pile with a Single Shape Pattern as well as Lined a Single Plant
Patterns shape of beds thence most easily done once again, because it is non necessary to overhaul but enough alongside the reversal of the management of plant life growth or removal of rows planted on the side of the bed.

To particular tin can live seen inwards the following figure:

The cast of beds single beds lined cropping design single

* Beds are Using the Pillar and Fruit Shelf
Should not be replanted after the planting catamenia I learned a result because nosotros can not move rows planted inward the surface area of "novel" unspoiled past plant roots in the period before planting. If desired, re-planting, the soil should live stirred stages of processing such every bit cropping land in the catamenia I.

How To Pick A Good Watermelon - Coercion reshuffle seedbed for planting relocation II menses are at increased take a chance of crop failure is quite large. For commercial purposes, workmanship beds every bit this are not profitable. Therefore, meliorate find a novel location or a total overhaul of the country equally the physical process of opening novel state.

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