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How to plant longan fruit - so that it can bear fruit quickly

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When you lot want to observe out how to flora longan, yous also postulate to know the types of pests in longan together with how to overcome them.
  1. Insects - Pests such equally fruit suckers, caterpillars, fruit flies, too stem winches are groups of insects. To command it you lot can exercise insecticide type pesticides by spraying.
  2. Mushrooms - Fungal pests assail the roots, which causes fusarium wilt. The most mutual affair is inward the rainy flavour. The symptoms are the leaves of the plant life await wilted and eventually kick the bucket. Before dying, then right away fungicide in the root of the affected flora. It is important that the water does not puddle around the plant roots.
  3. Bat - This bat is rattling detrimental when attacking in big quantities because inward add-on to eating together with damaging onetime fruit he also knocked out immature fruit. To overcome the bat set on, y'all can install the network around the tree together with your country area. Bats volition get caught inward nets thence you lot can catch them.

Success Tips for Longan Cultivation to Make the Harvest Abundant

How to plant longan fruit so that it can bear fruit quickly How to plant longan fruit - so that it can bear fruit quickly

Once yous know how to plant longan well, then we will also provide tips for yous hence that the yield of your longan is more than together with more than abundant. Here are tips for planting longan:
  • Use 16-16-16 NPK because at that place is more than macron content than NPK fifteen-fifteen-xv
  • Spray ZPT auxin when the longan tree starts flowering. This volition add to the issue of flowers that come up out thus that the fruit will also be more than
  • Spray gutelic acid ZPT on the fruit that is even so modest thus that after the fruit size is much larger so that it is heavier when weighed.
  • Pack the KNO3 to the roots of the flora or so 2 weeks earlier harvest. This volition add together to the sweetness too soft texture of the longan fruit.
Such is the info about how to flora a good longan along with successful tips on cultivating longan as a guide for planting for yous. We promise that after you empathise how to plant life the longan good you lot can cultivate longan with optimal results too benefits.

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