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Land preparation for Watermelon Cultivation - Part I

Land preparation for Watermelon Cultivation Land preparation for Watermelon Cultivation - Part I

Land preparation for Watermelon Cultivation - Growing areas that we have got laid we have to ready good. If the area is in the form of garden soil, previous crops are however growing we involve to first clean, especially if the surface area is planted alongside trees rooted scars too trunked difficult. Thus nosotros need to dismantle constitute until it is completely clean of stubble crops disturbing. When we utilization the earth inwards rice fields, the soil should be allowed to dry out out a few days until the soil is dug upward.

Next, nosotros do some testing of the soil in the planting area. The play a joke on is equally follows:
  • Take lumps of soil from several places.
  • The soil clods then we mix good.
  • Then we take a lump of the soil mixture in addition to dissolved (mixed amongst water) inwards a container capable of containing 300 ccs of fluid. It is advisable to exercise containers that limbs of persuasion too have been washed to facilitate the exercise.
  • Air solvent is best to utilization distilled water (aqua distillate), but tap water may live used equally well every bit H2O wells, every bit long every bit the solvent water was gustation as well as odorless thence every bit non to bear upon the results of our observations.
  • The earth was stirred uniformly in a container filled alongside distilled H2O, then permit stand up for a few minutes until the suspension thus that the soil settles over solvent H2O looks clear sediment dorsum.
  • Furthermore, inwards the water, we dip a litmus newspaper or a pH meter measuring rod, in addition to then nosotros read the scale indicated by these tools to decide the pH (level of acidity of the soil). This is necessary because closely related to the calculation of the amount of fertilizer, peculiarly lime should nosotros use.

Buddy also take to know how to utilization a pH meter, here's how cekidot:
  • Make sure enough the batteries resources even so stable current tool.
  • Make sure the appliance is nevertheless working usually by testing, for instance, rod tool dipped inward a solution of vinegar kitchen, notice whether the needle meter however showed no change. Supposedly scale meter showed a modest number (under particular seven) because vinegar is acidic.
  • After making certainly that the appliance is still working, wash the measuring rod to make clean than vinegar.
  • Dip the measuring rod of the tool into the soil suspension solution that we created before. Record the number shown on the meter.
  • To ensure the results of our testing, perform a similar way to ground some of an aqueous suspension. Then nosotros created a tabular array to discovery the average number legible on scale tool.
How to employment litmus newspaper for a similar function are as follows:
  • Prepare litmus paper (pH indicator paper). This newspaper can live purchased at pharmacies or large laboratory equipment. The shape of the ringlet of paper or a piece of newspaper similar a ribbon. In the container, there is a diagram of the following colors of numbers pin.
  • Take the newspaper on it alongside your hands make clean as well as dry, about iv cm. The terminate nosotros dip into the soil suspension that we have prepared.
  • Wait a patch until no more colour alter on the paper (such a process entirely lasts for a few seconds).
  • The newspaper indicator has changed colour matched colour amongst the color chart on the indicator paper container. Then read the numbers on the diagram of the color corresponding to the last indicator paper. The number is the number of soil pH that we dissolve it before.
  • To be more than definite, the results of this testing should live done several times, such measures applied at pH testing alongside ability tools.
The use of the aqua distillate as a solvent is to ensure the certainty of the soil pH measuring. Given the normal pH of distilled water is seven. Another instance when nosotros use whatever water. When the solvent is H2O turns atmospheric alkaline (pH less than or greater than vii), the measurement results will live blurred. At pH meter semi-automatic; on a non-active state, the needle scale is at number vii. It is possible to meter needle does non motility when we are running.

Often occurs inward the exercise litmus newspaper, indicator paper did not alter colour, because it happened to live the color shown for a certain number equal to the basic color of the indicator newspaper. PH value of the soil inward the surface area to be Kila do, nosotros bill for calculating the amount of lime that nosotros necessitate, which will live discussed inward the side by side chapter.

Watermelon before nosotros begin, we have got planted terra firma volition hold to gear up well. Land training stages are as follows:
1. Phase reversal of solid ground
Ground reversal intent here is to destroy earth up into chunks of ground. To form the chunk of earth that could utilization a paw tractor, towing hijacked past the brute or reversed alongside a hoe.

Reversal of the soil should live evenly on the entire planting expanse. At this phase, stump rod or previous crop root tissue should be thrown out of the plantation. Similarly, the rocks that may exist should live discarded.

2. Phase formation of beds
Watermelon crop inwards absolute postulate of beds therefore that the water contained in the soil more easily period out through the drainage channels that we make.

The number of beds depends on the desired number of rows planted by farmers. While the forms of beds can follow i of the following patterns:

a. Double beds alongside row crops
The length of beds: Following the length of the planting surface area.
The layout of beds: Across the plantation.
The width of beds: 7-8 meters, depending on the thick-thin bed acme.
Bed top: Minimum xx cm.

The reward of this pattern is the form of beds such equally:
  • Seedbed formation is relatively fast every bit well as to arrange ii rows of plants
  • Treatment institute drugs or when spraying foliar fertilizer tin reach 2 rows at a fourth dimension until the fourth dimension is used more than efficiently.
  • Not besides many areas that are not productive.
Losses design like this is the cast of beds:
  • The execution of pruning vines must be careful non to mistakenly cut new lateral branches grow in rows on the other hand, given the shape of beds Thus, the ends of the vine plants often intersect in addition to overlap.
  • The risk of crop harm due to trampled when performing artificial pollination is greater.
b. Planting beds amongst a unmarried row
The length of beds: Following the length of the planting expanse.
The layout of beds: Crossing the planting expanse
The width of beds: three.5-four meters high depending on the thick-sparse beds.
Bed summit: Minimum xx cm.

Advantages of such patterns are the cast of beds:
  • The adventure of crop impairment due to crushed when performing artificial pollination is smaller because the plants do not cross from 2 directions.
  • Pruning vines as well as lateral branches have more easily done without the hazard of the wrong cut.
Losses patterns such is the form of beds:
  • The time required to cast the seedbed for longer because more drainage channels on each row of beds, which agency more than ground-breaking piece of work to live done.
  • Relatively more than of the growing areas are non productive, tin can not be planted because the drainage channel used (the treatment found).
  • The time needed to spray the plants alongside a solution of fertilizer global and longer, because inward each of the beds there is entirely 1-rows planting.

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