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Watermelon Basket

In the northern hemisphere, summer watermelon lasts from August to October. However, this sweetness fruit at present live enjoyed throughout the twelvemonth cheers to the comfort of modern shipping. Basket of fruit salad can be used for many events such equally school meetings, the socialization of the church, as well as the spring break political party. This basket lively, funny and delicious.

  • One large ripe watermelon perfect
  • Half a pocket-sized cantaloupe fruit
  • Half a small-scale honeydew melon
  • 473 grams of cerise wine
  • Half a tin can of canned pineapple slices (optional)

Buy fruit perfectly ripe watermelon. This is of import because even though yous purpose the peel to live made into a "handbasket," flesh also volition however live edible. If the watermelon fruit is too ripe, the fruit may live hard to handgrip. However, if the fruit is less mature, the fruit salad you will live bland and no gustatory modality. If you are in dubiousness virtually the freshness of fruit, asked the production manager at your local supermarket on how to pick the ripe fruit.

Mark the overstep of the watermelon every bit shown in the figure below. The line of work will assistance guide yous in cutting or making a handbasket hilt on watermelon.

Cut the top of the watermelon amongst a long, sparse knife. Let the eye is non cut to serve as a handle of the handbasket. Save the pieces of meat are cutting watermelon fruit. 
After cutting the hold, brand handles appear wavy tardily cut a one-half circle of peel.

Use a melon baller (melon ball scoop printer) to have flesh watermelon. Put near half of the watermelon balls into a bowl. Fill the handbasket amongst the watermelon balls afterwards. 
The remainder of the watermelon tin can live stored or eaten straight equally it volition not be required inward the fruit salad.

Use an ice cream scoop or shovel to scrape the inside of the watermelon rind until make clean.

Peel the other and function a melon baller to have flesh. Insert pieces of cantaloupe together with honeydew melon to the balance of the watermelon, too add the pineapple as well as grapes. Stir alongside a apartment.

Serve chilled too bask the fruit salad!

Tips :
  • You are waiting for many guests? Rather than consume the watermelon fruit, the fruit presented in a beautiful bowl of fruit salad served if exhausted.
  • Many other ways to enjoy watermelon. If yous're brave, effort the watermelon carving!


Be careful when using the knife. The use of knives tin can live unsafe, peculiarly when making the hold of the handbasket.

The Necessary Equipment

  • Knife amongst a sparse blade
  • Melon Baller (spoon makers melon balls)
  • Ice cream scoop
  • Marker

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