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Watermelon Plant Care - Part I

Watermelon Plant Care - Supplementary fertilization purposes are to cause the increase of plants that can grow optimally. Based on how the direction, supplementary fertilization consists of ii kinds, namely foliar fertilizer and manure roots.

1. Leaf Fertilizer

Foliar fertilizers used can be either a pulverization or a liquid fertilizer, provided that levels of sure macro elements inwards accordance with the requirements of watermelon constitute (Levels of north-P-K filings). The content of microelements inward each brand is almost the same, and so the brand of fertilizer used tin can live of any make.

Please banknote that the content of foliar fertilizers has macro elements (elements Nitrogen, Phosphorus, as well as Potassium) levels are dissimilar on each trademark. Therefore nosotros have to choose 1 brand of fertilizer that has a macro element content according to the needs of watermelon found.
Examples of types of foliar fertilizer that tin be my friend exercise to constitute watermelons are:

* Foliar fertilizer is firm (a pulverization or flour):
- Gardasil - Vitabloom - Topsail
- Complesal - Hyponex - Shell foliar

* Liquid Foliar fertilizer:
- Wuxak - Bayfolan - Complesal

In addition to containing macro elements, foliar fertilizers on the marketplace likewise contain microelements like a shot. But some comprise an element of a macro or microelements only.

For facilitates the piece of work, y'all should choose a foliar fertilizer containing delineate elements at the same fourth dimension the macro elements. By doing so we tin can purchase i type (make) of fertilizer. When we purchase a foliar fertilizer containing exclusively i of the earlier elements. then we accept to buy two types (brand) fertilizer as well as should nosotros intervene in lodge to be used every bit a foliar fertilizer.

2. Fertilizer Root

Fertilizer utilization past way of our roots mixed amongst H2O sprinklers. In this means, the nutrient needs tin live provided amongst plenty earlier. But because before planting nosotros have done basic fertilization, so we just stayed continue from basic fertilizer nutrient content was discharged absorbed by plants.

Watermelon Plant Care - Once nosotros sympathise virtually foliar fertilizer and insecticide-fungicide, and then nosotros have to understand side by side is how to utilization these materials. In practise, inward addition to the three materials, there are nonetheless other drug ingredients that require to live my friend exercise, namely:
  • Plant increment regulator (PGR - Sensitiser grow). Can employment various brands of similar drugs, for instance, Atonic, A bitonic, dek Amon, Sando Vit too others.
  • Grading too adhesive materials. Can use various brands of similar drugs, for representative, Agrestic, Sando Vit, Agra, ten sticker, too others.
  • Micro fertilizer (Pm) is a liquid: Micro fertilizer we employment to add micronutrients inward plants. Micro fertilizer utilization alone a few times in each menstruum of planting, because nosotros utilization foliar fertilizers likewise comprise microelements. But if nosotros use foliar fertilizer containing draw elements have non, then these micro fertilizers demand to be added more than oft. Examples of micro fertilizer: Multi micro, metal.
At each planting, the period should be arranged with the total crop spraying schedule for the type of drug used. In this way, nosotros tin can adjust the rotation of medicinal employment of materials.

We deliberately recommend using 3 types of insecticides and fungicides on a periodic schedule spraying plants. The aim is that inward the example of immune drug marrow past pests together with certain diseases is all the same no backup other drugs that tin live used. Actually, when spraying the pest and affliction prevention drugs we do regularly, for instance, follow the in a higher place schedule, it is almost certain growing areas nosotros are gratis from pests and diseases.

Drugs that nosotros take appropriate servings of each dose, and then nosotros dissolve until well blended. Then nosotros spray using knapsack sprayer (for growing areas are relatively narrow) or diesel fuel powered spraying machines (for wide planting expanse). Spraying tin can be done in the morn or afternoon.


Watermelon Plant Care - Watermelon plant watering needs are relatively dependent on environmental conditions in addition to local weather condition. So it tin not live made a watering schedule every bit good as the schedule for spraying crops.  According to a large issue of waters too how irrigation, watering watermelon plants are divided into ii groups, namely:

1. Watering lightly
Watering lightly given to the establish, if the planting hole visible in situ soil drought. Though the soil around the planting surface area all the same looks pretty moisture. The amount of water used to flush as much as 1-2 liters for each establish. Watering tin live done past using a bailer or sprinklers other crops like hype. At the fourth dimension of watering similar this, yous tin add fertilizer roots.

2. Watering Bulk
Watering is done when the conditions thus planting expanse was dry country. Thus watering done by opening the inlet canal water from the sewer to the place of investment, until the H2O flooded the home of investment, to reach high iii-quarter beds. Then the water is allowed to seep into the ground exhausted. without opening the drainage channel. Watering is hence absolutely necessary by the establish. If nosotros cultivate the land do not acquire enough water, the plants volition grow less than perfect. The resulting fruit volition ho-hum its evolution. Until finally the fruit will be chopped into pocket-size pieces or less dense flesh (brittle). Instead of excessive H2O will make the roots and plants to rot and eventually pass away.


The increase stems (vines) too primary lateral branches postulate to be prepare as well as we bound such a agency that the fruit produced proficient lineament. If my friend wants larger fruit, tin my friend effort to maintain a maximum of 3 or 4 pieces alone candidate inward each institute, each of which is located on the lateral branches together with two candidates fruits on the primary stem?

The branches that are growing, after beingness selected from the 2 best existing lateral branches, branches which if non used my friend tin can trim back it amongst scissors, left over v cm of the primary branches. Excessive pruning branch goal is to force the constitute to focus its internal energy results for the development of the fruit. Pruning branches/vine establish needs to be done.

Watermelon Plant Care - Candidates selected pieces that will be maintained from the candidate most splendid fruit. Buddy endeavor to pick out candidates for the fruit that looks uniform, looks beyond perfect as well as fresh in addition to non wrinkled; his prospective layout of the principal stem base of operations ranges between 70 cm. Remaining candidates who were non selected fruit, we waste product past cutting the fruit stalk on the role attached to the candidate fruit to avoid harm to the stem.

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