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Watermelon Plant Care - Part II

Watermelon Plant Care - Rods are the leaves as well long also tin can cut edges thus that the internal power that is used for the evolution of the fruit, without the demand for a similar forcefulness for the growth of shoots or stems elongation useless.
Scissors cuts scars tin live smeared alongside fungicides or herbicides to preclude infectious diseases. To facilitate the application of the drug workmanship, employment a pocket-size brush.


* On fourth dimension
* Appropriate
  • Male flowers as pollinators we take the pollen that is inwards the eye of the petals using a pocket-size brush make clean together with dry.
  • Brush already adhere pollen on the stigma we apply at a female person bloom inwards the middle of the flower crown until evenly distributed. Basting workmanship should live done alongside caution so that interest is non broken.
  • The interest that has been spread pollen nosotros encompass amongst newspaper bags that we hold prepared.
  • Artificial pollination may also be done without the brush, the male person flowers direct Kila apply pollen to the stigma of the female bloom. But this way contains a chance of harm to the female flowers are quite big.
  • Each male blossom can be used for fruit pollination female person flowers, depending on the extent of the pollen that is owned by the male bloom itself.
  • Oil newspaper bags do not need to let go because it volition interruption by itself a few days subsequently after developing fruit.
  • The principal branch nosotros choose propagated on pes pillar, hence at later the fruit tin can hit the shelves of fruit that we have got prepared. We tin also cultivate a lateral branch, which then nosotros propagation on the surface of the bed.
  • Leaves that are as well dense should be cut, inwards social club to institute vines nether a shelf that tin can live exposed Sun.
  • The binding or trimming can live done amongst
  • assist stool high enough to be able to arrive at the top pillar freely, without damaging the plants together with found beds.
  • 150 sticks of bamboo, the minimum length of 5 meters.
  • Wire ties equally necessary; The minimum wire diameter of 1 mm.
  • Machete to split too soften the bamboo shards. Saws for cutting bamboo. Pliers to tighten the wire bonding.
  • Choose bamboo to be used as legs of the stake, which at the same time as the back up, starting from large diameter bamboo. Bamboo cut along 230-240 centimeters, and so split apart equally broad equally 5-seven cm for the pillar.
  • The ends of the modest bamboo tin serve sliced fruit shelf. Parts for shelf width of at to the lowest degree 2 cm.
  • Parts of bamboo too and then smoothed with a machete in order non to hurt the hand when held.
  • For ease of installation, parts of bamboo for the stake sharpened ane terminate.
  • Parts of bamboo are assembled into a shape of structure.
  • Pillar and fruit rack assembly is made after the plastic mulch is finally installed.
Watermelon Plant Care - Watermelon plants are flowering plants belonging non perfect (each flower has only i means of reproduction, ovary or pollen only). Therefore, to pollinate flowers require the aid of insects, current of air too tin can live aided also by artificial pollination.

In the non-seed watermelon, human intervention is not hence important, because amongst the help of nature lonely pollinate flowers tin can already live underway. But if the purpose of commercial watermelon, we are required to intervene inwards damage of pollination thus the results are absolutely reliable.

Non-seed watermelon plants have got male flowers are infertile (infertile), to non live able to fertilize the female person flowers. So, pollination must mate auxiliary male flowers of seeded watermelon plants. Female flowers watermelon plants get to seem after the establish is some 17 days. Buddy may pollinate all the female person flowers are available, and so pal select the most first-class fruit.

Flowers of watermelon plants, both androgynous females or males are commonly bright yellow. Female flowers tin can be easily distinguished from the male person flowers for their prospective fruits that lie beneath

How artificial pollination
Good bloom ticker on male person or female person flowers shaped similar a circle, divided into three segments. The deviation inward the nitty-gritty segments of male flowers lined with wattle (such every bit rooster wattle) which contains pollen. While the female blossom-shaped marrow segments of uniform (apartment) without wrinkles like the wattle.

In the procedure of artificial pollination, each gist segment of the female bloom pollen must Be Smeared sense of taste. In the example of application of which is non on 1 of the iii segments, fruit happens candidate volition have deformed, until one 24-hour interval his shape disproportionately.

To ensure the success of artificial pollination to bank note is timely too appropriate
The most appropriate time for artificial pollination is when the flowers bloom for the firstly time from the time of bud, because at that time the flower shape is yet fresh as well as intact, thus the reproductive fertility charge per unit is notwithstanding guaranteed.

Flowers will bloom in the next 24-hour interval can live easily observed inward the afternoon. Flowers had been seen already xanthous too quite large inwards size (blossom buds are notwithstanding green). To ensure the success of fertilization, the flowers will bloom side by side mean solar day, we give the patron a way that is not exposed to dew or rainwater. The protective cloth tin be used container bamboo (baskets), measures virtually 10 x 10 cm; or the stalk of a banana tree, split in addition to cut into 10 cm; or conical hats made of leaves fairly broad. Male or female person flowers must live given the cover fabric thus that the status is really make for
Additional materials equally artificial pollination tools should have got endeavored that perspective fruit tin be formed. Materials referred to are:

1). Containers male flowers
These containers utilisation is to accommodate the male person flowers that are picked according to many needs. The container should live able to render a fresh atmosphere to the flowers that correspond inwards it, thus the flowers practise not wilt before utilisation.

2). The paper bag crude
This handbag is useful to cover the already Female bloom powder therefore the flowers can grow fruit without experiencing loss candidate or water-moisture. In addition, alongside this bag, we tin can easily distinguish which ones we practise not bloom pollen, upwards to the risks of involvement that nosotros hold non go smaller powders. Sufficient size newspaper bags 8 x 10 cm. Created oblong of greaseproof paper bonded with waterproof gum.

Watermelon Plant Care - Artificial pollination is carried out as follows:
It should be noted, at the fourth dimension of applying pollen, fine hairs on the fruit prospective female flowers exercise non acquire touched past the hand, thus equally non to fail pollination.


Fruit reversal intention is to prevent damage to the fruit that sticks in a higher place the ground as well as make the fruit pare colour evenly without streaks role due to no sunlight. But the reversal of fruit that is as well often sometimes can campaign jams fruit evolution. In contrast, the fruit that is non behind at all often hollow at the base of the fruit attached on top of the soil due gnawed by animals or fungi as well as bacteria, when frequently exposed to rain besides long.

Reversal fruit is recommended only one time inward each menstruation of planting, ie, after the fruit the size of a volleyball or weighs nigh 17 kg. At the time of the reversal of the fruit should live on the straw in home of fruit coupled alongside new straw. It's every bit well that at the offset of planting, more precisely after the fruit will be maintained under the selected candidates are given an extra while of hay. In this way, although it is not done reversal fruit, the situation remains guaranteed.


At the time of stalk increment, the plants should be tied alongside a plastic rope on human foot pillar.
1. Construction Steak together with Rack Fruit
Construction pillar must be made upwards tin can live achieved paw (peculiarly the atomizer plant), hold the load of fruit too shake. Rack pieces at in one case should be a reinforcement structure is formed.

The materials needed to build the pillar together with shelving pieces for each planting area of grand square meters is:
Tools workmanship
The stages of construction
2. Binding of Plant Stems
Watermelon Plant CareOnce the institute begins to creep upwardly on foot pillar that nosotros establish, we institute stems tied with plastic straps in gild to erect the plant stalk attached to the pillar. How binding should non be too tight so that the stem of the establish may be enlarged freely, not crushed plastic rope.
At stake exercise the organisation, found stems are kept only 2 branches of the institute only. Can be selected between the principal trunk together with 1 or 2 lateral branches are allowed to grow. While nosotros cut the principal stalk after seen the emergence of the lateral branches. Cutting the stalk of the establish tin exercise a knife or pair of scissors. Scars our pieces spread amongst fungicides or available tub to prevent infectious germs. Two branches that we have got chosen to hold, tied to the pillar leg.

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