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Watermelon Seed Planting

The process of planting seedlings at planting land Watermelon Seed Planting
The procedure of planting seedlings at planting solid ground
The process of planting seedlings at planting land Watermelon Seed Planting
Punching tool mulch

  • 1 teaspoon pressed liquid plant increment hormone, for example, atonik, bitonic, Deka mon, mandrel, etc.
  • 1 teaspoon bactericidal pressed powder, for case, Agrept 25 WP, WP 1.5 Agrymicyn.
  • 1teaspoon pressed Shaped fungicide powder or flour, for instance, Benlate, Dithane K 45, Daconil etc.
The process of planting seedlings at planting land Watermelon Seed Planting
Rows of seedlings prepare to live planted on the bed moved
  • Plastic bags are torn with a knife or pair of scissors with caution until the roots are not damaged or broken.
  • Infill soil found together with handbag before we come in into the planting hole.
  • The cracked hole nosotros embrace the earth we train for that purpose.
  • Planting hole has been completed planted too closed ground, level amongst a trivial H2O thence that the soil media seedlings amongst the soil around it without any remaining cavity.

Watermelon Seed Planting - After the seeds we sow leafy ii or 3 pieces or nigh 14 days sometime, we've been able to movement into growing areas that we hold prepared. For xiv days we waited seedlings grow big plenty, the dry land nosotros own fertilizer into the soil misfortunate in addition to are make for planting. The procedure of planting seedlings at planting earth is every bit follows:

1. Preparation Of The Planting Hole
The planting hole should be made a week earlier the seedlings are transferred, considering planting rows lie where we embrace amongst plastic mulch until in that location arises the possibility of the gasses due to the demolition of fertilizers tin can poison (fire) plants when planting hole is made in conjunction amongst the time of planting.

The planting hole is made inward a row along the embankment, nearly the distance of 20-xxx cm from the edge of the bed. The distance betwixt the holes amongst each other 80 to 100 cm, depending on the thickness of the soil beds (bed elevation). So that the hole making it look bully and facilitate the control of the institute, part of which will be drilled marked beforehand. Given the planting hole to live made lies in the place covered alongside plastic mulch, it is necessary to educate plastic perforating tools made from tin cans of pigment the size of 1 kg equally follows:

Watermelon Seed Planting - How to employment the tool is embers of charcoal or other textile (husk, forest, etc.), Modest to the tin punching tool becomes hot. Furthermore, the can board nosotros stick to the will nosotros pitted for a few seconds until the tin can when we lift in that location will live holes inward the plastic that magnitude can be uniform too tidy.

The twenty-four hours before the seed was planted inward the holes, holes need to live made for bags seedlings. Perforation tin usage round woods or bamboo (most the diameter of the pockets of seeds) that nosotros plug in where nosotros desire, with a depth of almost 8-10 cm.

2. The First Mass Irrigation
Three days earlier the seeds are planted inwards beds, planting surface area irrigated mass necessary to moisten the soil thence cook for planting. Water from irrigation canals flowed through flooded areas as high equally almost 3-quarters planting bed pinnacle, new H2O intake channel nosotros shut the coming together. Water puddles earlier nosotros permit soak until they run by themselves, drainage channels out planting surface area is non necessary to open up (inwards the clogged land).

Mass irrigation is intended to simplify together with lighten the work of transplanting a few days afterward. When the volume of irrigation is non done, so it needs to live watered planting surface area of water which is pretty much on every hole-hole. Another goal of this mass irrigation is to dissolve the artificial fertilizer, which may have decomposed. In this agency, adverse effects on institute seeds tin be avoided.

3. Soaking Seedling Bags
Moments earlier the seedling bags containing the seeds nosotros motility on the bed, the seedling bags we soak inwards a solution of the drug. The aim is to prevent damage to seedlings when we have off the plastic pocketbook, every bit well equally a kind of immunization stride.

The duration of immersion inwards a solution of such drugs is 5-10 minutes. To salve free energy together with immersion time tin can live done in large quantities in a bucket that extends the surface thus that when nosotros fill the drug solution together with some seed bags are also dissolved together. After several soaks, water immersion is reduced due to absorbed past the soil of seedling bags we add together the same solution until the entire purse submerged seedlings.

Shredded drug solution bags of seedlings that we arrange the textile equally follows:

These 3 kinds of materials such amount tin can be dissolved inwards any one quart of H2O solvent. So to soak all seedling bags, government note or estimated how much medicine to live prepared marinade. Then mix these ingredients nosotros mix a solution multiples marinade every bit needed. The tertiary stirring the ingredients should be until blended completely. The novel solution is make for employment. Bag submerged seedlings have plenty removed together with drained a few moments, and so planted inwards the holes.

4. Planting Seeds
Seedlings handbag that is long enough nosotros drain, to water immersion have the opportunity to flow out the handbag, nosotros put inwards the planting hole start. To speed up planting progress of the piece of work should live done past several people right away. Each officer was given the chore which is set such that the process of planting can live rapidly finished with a smashing too perfect outcome without whatsoever impairment to seedlings. For case there

a shredded forcefulness that specialized seed soaking, seed no free energy carrier too pose inwards the planting hole and the most of import power in accuse of opening the handbag seedlings planted seedlings in the planting hole. This last labor should actually sympathize all agricultural techniques, in lodge to behave out their duties amongst meticulous, peachy together with nimble, because the watermelon seed planting should live completed before the sun rises too high that its rays can burn the seeds that nosotros have planted. Planting seedlings inward the planting hole are as follows:

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