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Diet Coke Vs Coke Zero, Which is Better?

Diet Coke Vs Coke Zero, Which is Better?

The Coca Cola company has recently found itself with a battle of a different type on his hands. However, unlike the Coke versus Pepsi battle, Coca Cola is the winner of this battle every time. Diet Coke vs Coke Zero is the current debate amongst soda drinkers. Before picking a winner, you should understand what makes them similar, and what makes them different.


Diet Coke vs Coke Zero – Both choices have no calories, BUT…

Both choices have practically no calories. Those that do not wish to drink their calories each day can choose from either. As the weight epidemic continues to expand on a global scale, more people are making the choice to switch from regular soda, to low calorie versions. Diet Coke has one calories, and Coke Zero has none. Either of these is a fine choice in that regard.


Diet Coke vs Coke Zero – Both choices have similar main ingredient.

Both have the main ingredient of purified water that is carbonated. This is what gives the familiar fizz that we know and love. Anything that is labeled as a soda has this as the main ingredient. This ingredient does not affect the taste whatsoever.


Diet Coke vs Coke Zero – Which one is sweeter?

They both are sweetened with the artificial sweetener, aspartame. But Coke Zero includes additional artificial sweeteners mixed in with the aspartame. This is what gives you the sweet taste, without the calories. Much debate has gone on as to the safety of artificial sweeteners, but as of yet there has been no finding that they are unsafe, and they will continued to be used until we know otherwise.


Diet Coke vs Coke Zero – What makes they are different?

The formula for both drinks is extremely similar. The difference between them is the ratio in which the ingredients are included. With Diet Coke containing only aspartame as a sweetener, and Coke Zero having a blend, they each take on a distinct taste. Many claim that aspartame has a bitter taste, and prefer the smoother sweetness of Coke Zero. Some actually like the stronger taste that aspartame provides, and will choose Diet Coke.


Diet Coke vs Coke Zero – History of the elder Diet Coke.

Where they start to really differ is in the history of the two. Diet Coke has been around for much longer. It made it’s first appearance in 1982, and quickly gained popularity. Today, it holds the number three position in the ranking of colas sold worldwide. It is also produced in many variations, with flavorings such as vanilla, cherry, lemon and lime added.


Diet Coke vs Coke Zero – History of the younger Coke Zero.

Coke Zero has only been around since 2005, and initially was not available in flavor options. However, the success of the drink has prompted the company to now release it in vanilla and cherry versions. Both of which are quite popular.


Diet Coke vs Coke Zero – Which one is more popular?

Long time diet cola drinkers tend to prefer this choice, as it is what is familiar to them. Old habits die hard, and individuals tend to be very loyal to their favorite cola. In addition to the older generations, women seem to choose this option more often. This is likely because the word “diet” in involved. Whether they realize it or not, this word sends a mental signal to the brain that says that this choice will not make you gain weight.


The omission of this word on Coke Zero was done with two demographics in mind. These being men, and the younger generation. Neither of these groups respond to the word “diet” very well, and some will even go out of their way to avoid anything that is labeled as such. Men see this as a feminine word, and often do not want to be associated with it. The younger generation apparently does not want their peers to see them drinking a cola with a label that basically admits that they think they have a weight problem.


Diet Coke vs Coke Zero – So which one is the winner?

Despite these factors, the winner of the Diet Coke vs Coke Zero battle could easily be won by either when tested on a global scale. This is because the company actually produces many different versions of each. These versions were formulated to be the most appealing to residents of each country based on their specific tastes. What you taste in India will not be identical to what you taste in France. Because of this, declaring a winner on a global scale would require taste tests given in millions of variations. As to date, no one has attempted this, and it is likely that it will never happen.


Diet Coke vs Coke Zero – Which one is cheaper?

Initially, Coke Zero was the cheaper product, but only while it was in it’s introductory phase. This is standard with new releases, as it helps get more people to try the product. Currently, there is no price difference between the two, both are offered in the same size choices, and both are widely available.


Diet Coke vs Coke Zero – You Choose

So who is the winner of Diet Coke vs Coke Zero? The one that you prefer, of course! An excellent case could be made for both, but what it comes down to is that individual people have individual tastes, and there is no right or wrong answer here. Lucky for us, the Coca Cola company will continue to produce both, and we have the free will to decide which to buy, and which to consume.

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