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Very Delicious, Tasty, Unique and Famous coffees from Indonesia (The Best Ever)

Very Delicious, Tasty, Unique and Famous coffees from Indonesia

The history of coffee in Indonesia

The history of coffee in Indonesia began in 1696. At that time, the Dutch on behalf of the VOC (Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie) landed in Java with coffee from Malabar, India. The coffee that was brought for the first time was of the Arabica type.

The Dutch attempted to cultivate the coffee plant in Batavia, but were unsuccessful because of the earthquake and flood. They do not give up and bring back new seeds. Rapid changes in cultivation made the Dutch open new fields in Sumatra, Sulawesi, Bali, Timor, and several other islands in the Dutch East Indies, which are now known as Indonesia.

In the 1700s, coffee became the main commodity of the VOC. The marketing of coffee beans from the Dutch East Indies (Indonesia) erupted until it passed exports from Mocha, Yemen to a number of countries in Europe. The Netherlands also monopolized the world coffee market at that time.

At that time, one of the world's coffee production centers was on the island of Java. One more famous cup of coffee is called the cup of Java.

Robusta Replaces Arabica as a Special Commodity

In 1876, Leaf Rust attacked most of the coffee plantations in Indonesia. The Netherlands then brought in another type of coffee, namely Liberika. However, the fate is the same, after being attacked by leaf rust.

The onslaught of pests did not make the Dutch out of their minds. In 1900, they introduced a type of robusta coffee that was easier to maintain and more resistant to pests. Its very high production has made Indonesia the largest exporting plantation in the world.

Progress of Indonesian Coffee Plantations

Post-independence, after the Dutch East Indies government left Indonesia, the movement of coffee plantations was also slightly hindered. However, due to the loyalty and persistence of some farmers and the nationalization of the plantations of the former Dutch East Indies government, eventually coffee plantations began to grow and develop.

There is at least one novel created by Douwes Dekker with the title Max Havelaar which helps change the people's assessment of the Cultivation Mechanism. The novel tells the story of a coffee trader and criticism of the arbitrariness of the Dutch East Indies government on the people. Because of the novel's role, there is one coffee blend product from Indonesia that uses the word Havelaar as its product name.

In the 2000s, Indonesian coffee boomed again. Indonesia is the fourth-largest coffee producing country in the world after Brazil, Vietnam and Colombia. The diversity of coffee flavors that grow in several regions in Indonesia is considered by foreign countries.

Very Delicious, Tasty, Unique and Famous coffees from Indonesia

Types of coffee in Indonesia

Coffeeholic should definitely know what types of coffee there are, especially in Indonesia. Coffee from Aceh to Papua has a different character. 

There are two types of coffee that you need to know, namely Arabica and Robusta. The difference is in the shape of the coffee beans. Arabica has a slightly elongated shape, quite flat and quite large in size. And Robusta is rounder and looks denser and smaller than Arabica coffee.

Indonesia has the most diverse types of coffee beans. Usually a type of coffee with a similar fragrance and taste. This is because it is controlled from the ground and the height where the coffee is grown.

1. Gayo

Gayo coffee is grown in Tanah Gayo, a highland area in central Aceh, Sumatra. His coffee plantations are in the hills that surround the city of Takengon and Lake Tawar. The land in this region is believed to be very fertile to produce coffees with rich flavors.

In 2010, Gayo Coffee obtained Fair Trade Certified from the International Fair Trade Coffee Organization. Initially, there was a ban on the use of the name Gayo because the name became a patent for a Dutch company, Holland Coffee. However, because of the hard work of the residents to obtain Geographical Marks Certificate, this problem can also be resolved well.

2. Sidikalang

Sidikalang is one of the areas in Sumatra, which is known as a popular Indonesian coffee producer. The name may be familiar to some single origin coffee lovers.

Besides being known as single origin, Sidikalang coffee is also known as one of the Arabica coffee varieties. Reportedly, Sidikalang is a direct descendant variety of typical that was born in Indonesia from the first coffee seeds carried by the Dutch and cultivated with the Forced Cultivation Mechanism. Its name is taken from a city located in a cool mountainous area in Dairi Regency, North Sumatra.

3. Mandailing

Mandailing coffee is a type of arabica coffee grown in Mandailing Natal Regency, precisely in the Bukit Barisan mountains, North Sumatra. This Indonesian coffee-producing area has been working since the 1800s, starting with the Cultivation Mechanism launched by the Dutch East Indies Government.

4. Lampung Coffee

In contrast to Aceh Gayo which is more popular with its Arabica coffee type, Lampung coffee actually excels the Robusta type coffee. The character that feels very much from Nusantara coffee from Lampung has a soft texture, but the taste is quite strong. The dry-processing system used in processing Lampung coffee beans is also believed to be the origin of the strong taste and character in it.

5. Arang Coffee

This coffee is the original type of Indonesian coffee from Jember and is the largest after the city of Malang. The step or process of making Arang Coffee is quite unique, namely by roasting it, but the taste is not so bitter. This coffee, which is one of the best coffees in Java, called 'Java Jampit', has a certain characteristic after brewing, which is that it has a chili-like fragrance.

6. Lanang Coffee

One of the famous coffees from Indonesia, the other is Kopi Lanang. In Javanese, 'lanang' means man. Why is it given such a name? Because it is believed that this coffee can add vitality to some men. This coffee, which is mostly made in the East Java region, has a fairly high caffeine content so that the audience will not feel sleepy. This coffee is even known to the plains of America because of the round shape of the beans and its high caffeine content.

7. Java Preanger

This Java Preanger coffee is often referred to as Priangan coffee and Malabar coffee. This Java preanger is the first coffee in Indonesia presented by the Dutch or the VOC. It was first planted in Batavia (now Jakarta), then it was cultivated more widely in Priangan, West Java.

The name preanger is taken from the step of the Dutch to mention Priangan. Therefore, some Indonesians also mention Priangan coffee with the call java preanger.

8. Bali Kintamani

In addition to tourism, Bali has a magnet for coffee problems in the eyes of the world. The special coffee producing area in Bali is in Kintamani, Bangli Regency.

Some coffee farmers in the Kintamani plantation use the traditional subak abian farming mechanism. This traditional mechanism holds firmly the Hindu philosophy, Tri Hita Karana. This philosophy teaches about being in harmony with nature and reducing the use of agrochemicals so that the coffee is organic.

Very Delicious, Tasty, Unique and Famous coffees from Indonesia

9. Toraja

Not only is it popular for its traditional rituals and culture, Toraja is popular for its coffee. Coffees from plantations in Toraja are popular and have a relatively high acidity level.

The unique flavors are created in the post-harvest process. The majority of Toraja farmers to process their coffee in the traditional way, often referred to as wet milling. This process is known internationally as wet hulling or semi washed.

10. Flores Bajawa

One of the areas on Flores Island that is famous for its coffee is Bajawa, a city in Ngada Regency, East Nusa Tenggara. The type of coffee grown in Bajawa is Arabica.

The island of Flores is other than beautiful, the soil contains ash from the volcano (andosol) which is the best for growing organic coffee. Therefore, the taste of the coffee is more original and contains natural fragrances.

11. Papua Wamena

Wamena coffee is grown on plantations as far away as the Baliem Valley. The valley is located on the eastern side of Mount Jayawijaya and surrounds the city of Wamena.

The taste is no less than some other types of Indonesian coffee. The acidity level tends to be low so it doesn't cause stomach pain for novice drinkers. Fragrance as its unique characteristics is a fragrant floral impression.

Of the various types of the best Indonesian coffee, what is your favorite?

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